Shadow Fight Arena is a relatively new mobile fighting game featuring a variety of unlockable characters, each of which offer unique skills, passives and play styles. As a new player , you’ll probably have a hard time deciding which ones to use and master, which is further compounded by the fact that actually unlocking new characters is difficult, considering that you need to collect their cards first and foremost. And after you obtain them, you need to keep farming cards and resources to upgrade them and unleash their maximum potential. 

Shadow Fight Arena Characters Guide - The 5 Best Characters in the Game

Suffice to say, unlocking and upgrading your fighters in Shadow Fight Arena takes quite a bit of time and effort, which makes it a shame when you focus on one you ultimately end up disliking. Luckily, in this guide, you’ll find several recommendations of characters that, in our opinion, are some of the best in the game. Keep in mind, however, that we’ll mostly be focusing on characters that can work as “anchors”. In other words, characters that you can use as starters in your team, and possibly even win entire battles with them if you’re good enough.

1. Shang

Starting off with one of the strongest characters for beginners, particularly since Shang is available from the very start. 

Shadow Fight Arena Characters Guide - The 5 Best Characters in the Game

This character is all about poking enemies from long distances using Shang’s powerful glaive, though his moves are quite slow and have long startup times. However, it’s a perfect option for those who like to anticipate an opponent’s moves and retaliate with sweeping strikes. And though his damage isn’t anything extraordinary, Shang can quickly accumulate shadow energy thanks to his passive “Shadow Energy Adept”, which he can then use to power his attacks in his shadow form.

One of his strongest points, however, lies with his second passive, “Shadow Protection”, which lets Shang restore HP when he deals damage while in shadow form. This makes it so that, in theory, you could not only defeat all three opponents, but also gain superior sustenance thanks to his self-healing attacks.

The one thing that will take some getting used to as Shang, however, are his slow attacks. This is one character that requires learning about your enemy to know exactly when to attack or retaliate, as whiffing your swings can leave you open for long periods thanks to Shang’s long startup times and animations. 

2. Kate

This is the only character on our list that is not primarily an anchor, considering that her main focus is not just to defeat enemies with crushing blows, but to suppress them by draining their shadow energy. In other words, Kate might be more useful as a counter to characters that rely on their shadow forms, rather than an actual anchor. However, she has more than enough damage potential to take down just about anyone, as long as you learn about her moveset and skills.

Shadow Fight Arena Characters Guide - The 5 Best Characters in the Game

Kate’s strongest feature comes from her passive, “Liquidator’s Daughter”, which passively burns away the enemy’s shadow energy with every blow. However, in skilled hands, she can easily punish and demolish enemies with her other passives that can be unlocked by leveling up, which can let her burn even more energy per strike, or increase her damage output significantly at the beginning of every round. 

Just like Shang, Kate is available from the very beginning, which makes a good choice early on.

3. Fireguard

This character can only be unlocked at account level 2 and onward, and is one of the most interesting choices at this point due to his focus on attacks that deal continuous damage, rather than relying on strong and cumbersome blows.

Shadow Fight Arena Characters Guide - The 5 Best Characters in the Game

True to his name, Fireguard makes ample use of flames and burning abilities to set enemies on fire and chip away at their health bit by bit. He’s very proficient at pressuring enemies thanks to these skills, which in turn could make them panic and make mistakes, opening them up for further punishment. And as if that wasn’t enough, Fireguard also generates shadow energy passively, making him more dangerous as the fight goes on. 

If you’re a fan of shutting enemies down and zoning them out with attacks that inflict damage over time, Fireguard is the champion for you.

4. Jack Bulwark

Unlocked at account level 6 and onward, Jack Bulwark is the personification of brute force in Shadow Fight Arena.

Shadow Fight Arena Characters Guide - The 5 Best Characters in the Game

Jack is a slow and lumbering character fully decked in heavy armor, making him quite durable. Though his attacks and moves are quite slow as a consequence of his gear, and his damage output isn’t that strong to compensate for it, his true strength comes from his unique “Fracture” debuff he can inflict whenever he hits an enemy with his shield, which causes enemies to take more damage from subsequent shield attacks. These fractures can stack and continue to increase the damage the enemy takes, which makes Jack potentially have the highest damage output in the game.

As a result of his unique playstyle, Jack Bulwark is difficult to play, often requiring you to put yourself at risk in order to inflict fractures on the enemy. Luckily, he can use his shadow form to gain temporary invincibility whenever he launches attacks, allowing you to ignore the enemy’s retaliatory strikes and continue to punish them mercilessly if they don’t defend themselves.

5. Ironclad

Though Ironclad is also unlockable from the beginning, you need to first collect his cards to obtain him. However, when you achieve this, you’ll find that he’s one of the most satisfying characters to play.

Shadow Fight Arena Characters Guide - The 5 Best Characters in the Game

Unlike most other characters in Shadow Fight Arena, Ironclad doesn’t rely on weapons or flashy attacks. Instead, he dons heavy armor and fights enemies head on using only his fists and martial abilities. Though he can start off as fragile as other characters, Ironclad gradually develops his defenses whenever he gets hit, thanks to his “Stubborn as a Mule” passive, which grants him a “Stubbornness” stack that increases his damage resistance, whenever he takes a hit.

Additionally, he can easily counter characters with ranged capabilities as Ironclad not only has tougher defenses with which he can shrug off most weaker attacks, but can also turn invincible temporarily whenever he’s hit with a ranged move. This character is all about using brute force to pummel your opponents, which is further supported by his short range attacks and hand-to-hand capabilities.

And that’s it for our top 5 best characters for Shadow Fight Arena. What are your favorite champions in this mobile fighting game? Leave us your thoughts below!