Summoners War is a game with different mechanics and complex systems. If you’re a beginner, it’s not possible to learn them all in a short time. You need as much help as possible to get the most out of your monsters: Even simple tips can help you create a more effective army and play the game in a more enjoyable way. Below, you can see the most useful of these tips that will make your life easier in the world of Summoners War.

Know Your “Mons”

Summoners War has more than 1000 monsters and each of them offers a different feature. But there are three groups of monsters that are slightly more important than the others so you need to be particularly careful. Knowing how to use them is of crucial importance to expand your army. These monsters are angelmon, rainbowmon, and devilmon.

Throughout the game, you will often encounter these three monsters. Devilmon is the most difficult to obtain. The other two are more common. Each of these monsters is used to empower others. You shouldn’t give any runes to them and you shouldn’t take any of them to battle – they’re totally useless for fighting. You should use these monsters for the following:

  • Rainbowmon: To evolve other monsters
  • Angelmon: To level up other monsters
  • Devilmon: To level up the skills of other monsters

Don’t Forget To Construct Arcane Tower

In the  BlueStacks Guide for Beginners in Summoners War, we have stated that you can construct lots of buildings on your island. One of these buildings is the “Arcane Tower”. We suggest you construct this building as soon as possible. Because when you reach level 5, the “Arena” feature will be unlocked and the Arcane Tower will be of great importance for your defense.

So, what does this building do? Summoners War allows you to attack the island of other players at any time. Likewise, other players can attack your island at any time. This system is the basic PvP mechanic of the game. If you construct the Arcane Tower building, it will make a powerful AOE attack on enemy monsters after a while. This will reduce their health points and make it easier to defeat them.

At the marked section, you can see the power of the arcane tower.

The system is fully automated, so once you have built it, you don’t have to do anything. Just upgrade the building: The higher its level, the stronger the attack will be.

Obtain Summoning Scrolls For Free

Well, not exactly for free. Normally, it is very difficult to obtain summoning scrolls, you have to complete long missions and other activities. Yet there is another way you can get them in a much shorter time: Arena battles. In the arena battles mentioned above, you get medals for every match you win. You can turn these medals into summoning scrolls in the “Arena Shop”. So, you can get a regular flow of summoning scrolls.

That’s not all: Using your medals, you can buy Devilmons, one of the rarest monsters in the game. As we mentioned above, Devilmons are very important for skill level up process. So if you find it hard to find them, Arena battles can be a solution.

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Join A Guild

Summoners War is a game where communication between players is important. Therefore, it is important to join a guild. By doing this, you will have access to “Guild Wars” and a private shop. You can use guild medals which you get from daily check-ins and achievements in this store.

Within the shop, summoning scrolls are also sold. In other words, you can get the necessary scrolls to make a summoning from here too. In addition to the Arena scrolls mentioned above, this method will allow you to make lots of summons free of charge every day.

Use The Mentor System

Summoner Wars players can incorporate their top-level monsters into the mentoring system. The advantage of this system is that it allows you to win even the most challenging battles as a beginner. First, start by choosing a mentor. The following screen is available via the “Community” menu:

You can select any mentor in the list. The mentor you choose can be added to your team once every day. The last mission of every chapter requires you to fight against a powerful boss. If you add the mentor monster to your team for this mission, you can easily win the fight. Moreover, there will be no change in the amount of your awards.

Choose a mentor as soon as you start the game and use it for challenging missions: This way, you can reach the middle-game phase without any difficulty.

Know Where To Farm

If there is a special item or monster you’re after, you may need to complete a specific mission more than once until you find it. This is called “farming”. Because the results are completely random, you may need to repeat missions lots of times until you get a monster of your choice. So, how do you know which mission gives which monster? Just click the “drop info” button to see the loot table of missions.

If you have a special monster you’re after, you’ll be able to understand which region you should focus on. Likewise, you will be able to complete your rune set easily.

Use BlueStacks Combo Key

Farming can become boring after a while: You are constantly fighting the same enemies and using the same skills. So, the things you do don’t change at all. With the BlueStacks Combo Key feature, you can turn this into an advantage. Because this feature allows you to record a specific series of actions and then repeat them with a single keystroke. Start a mission and open the Combo Key menu.

Complete the mission once normally.

When you complete the mission, end the recording and use the number of the level as the name. In the future, you can repeat this mission as many times as you like. Congratulations, you’ve completely automated farming!

These are all the tips we can give about Summoners War, but you can learn more by reading the other guides we have prepared. Do you want to know which monsters to focus on? Read our monsters guide! We have prepared lots of guides for Summoners War and each one contains information that will make your work easier. Good luck with your adventures!

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