Survivor Master-SIFU: SEA is a casual, rogue-like adventure set in the volatile realm of Jianghu. The player takes on the role of a wandering swordsman who must hone their skills and master various martial arts techniques drawn from multiple sects. In this world fraught with power struggles and conflict, the player character holds a coveted secret with the potential to alter the realm’s destiny.

A Beginner’s Guide to Survivor Master-SIFU: SEA

This immersive game offers a convenient one-handed operating system, ensuring a smooth gameplay experience. Players can collect abundant resources even while away from the game, maximizing both time and effort. The game features over 100 costumes and accessories, offering opportunities for character customization and creativity.

Players can explore various gameplay modes, face dungeon challenges, and partake in entertaining mini-games. Through conquering these challenges and collecting resources and rewards, the player gradually ascends the martial arts hierarchy, aiming to become the ultimate master of Jianghu.

Survivor Master-SIFU: SEA introduces new events and free perks daily, and an innovative 2-player mode allows for cooperative boss fights, fostering the creation of unique Jianghu stories. Will you become an ordinary swordsman, or embrace the path of a grandmaster to ensure survival in this chaotic realm?

Gameplay Mechanics

A Beginner’s Guide to Survivor Master-SIFU: SEA

Survivor Master-Sifu: SEA provides an appealing gameplay experience, incorporating an exceptional mix of survival tactics and strategic decision-making. Players have to traverse a post-apocalyptic world, collecting resources, constructing shelters, and crafting vital tools and weapons.

The game introduces intense combat interactions with hostile creatures and rival players, thus injecting a degree of challenge and competition. The survival element, complemented by the requirement for strategic planning, makes the gameplay engaging and fulfilling.

Attacking and Movement

Survivor Master-SIFU: SEA provides a player-friendly interface that requires minimal interaction. Players guide their character by clicking and holding in the desired direction or using predefined keys. As the character navigates, automatic timed attacks are launched based on the equipped items, ensuring an intuitive and streamlined gameplay experience.

Leveling Up

A Beginner’s Guide to Survivor Master-SIFU: SEA

On the top of your screen, you’ll see a green bar gradually fill up as you slay your foes. That bar represents how much XP you have, and when it reaches the very end, you level up.

Upon leveling up, you have the choice to improve your skills. Each skill offers a different method of attack or defense that you can use to fortify your hero in combat. Choose your skills wisely—while leveling hard-hitting blows helps you slay enemies quicker, you may not have the defenses you need to survive counter attacks!

A Beginner’s Guide to Survivor Master-SIFU: SEA

If you leveled up during battle and return to the homepage, either after completing a mission or leaving it early, you will also receive awesome rewards for your hard work. These specific rewards are used as resources or currency for purchasing stat bonuses.

Upgrading Your Hero

A Beginner’s Guide to Survivor Master-SIFU: SEA

At first, it may feel like your hero isn’t faring as well as you’d like on the battlefield. Don’t worry—this is just a part of the early stages of Survivor Master-SIFU: SEA. As you progress, you’ll gain rewards and currency that you can spend on upgrading your hero in various ways.

On the bottom of the main screen is the Hero icon, which redirects you to her dojo. There, you can choose to upgrade her current gear to improve killing speed, swap out gear depending on upcoming missions, and forging to create customizable, RNG-based equipment.

Choosing Skills

A Beginner’s Guide to Survivor Master-SIFU: SEA

If you navigate to the Skills icon, you’ll find a wide range of awesome skills to further enhance your hero’s abilities in combat. The only catch is that you need to unlock those skills before utilizing them for the good of Jianghu.

How do you do this? If you complete each mission to the very end, you’ll come across various skills. The Skills icon will show you where to locate the specific skill.

However, getting the skill is only the first step. As you progress, you’ll want to upgrade them further to boost various aspects of gameplay.


A Beginner’s Guide to Survivor Master-SIFU: SEA

When you enter the School, you’ll come across a wide range of highly skilled gurus who are willing to grant you knowledge… at certain intervals. You can gain knowledge by conversing with the gurus, but after a short while, they will become too “busy” to continue. So, keep playing the game until a certain amount of time has passed in order to further the conversation.

When you’ve spoken and taken all the knowledge you can, you will learn new Skills or receive stat bonuses. What you get depends on who you talk to.

This concludes our beginner’s guide for Survivor Master-Sifu: SEA. To play Survivor Master-Sifu: SEA on a bigger screen of your PC, it is highly recommended to use BlueStacks along with your keyboard and mouse.