Heroes: Kingdom: Samkok M is a free-to-play strategy game developed by Tapplus. It is themed around the historic Three Kingdoms era, which was a period between 220 to 280 AD where China was divided into the three dynastic states: Cao Wei, Shu Han, and Eastern Wu. In this game, you get to recruit over 200 notable generals from the Three Kingdoms era and combine them with over 20 unique troop types and over 10 formation combinations to build a powerful army. With your army, you engage in expeditions and invade various cities of Three-Kingdoms-era China by challenging enemies in head-on strategic battles. After taking over cities, you can reap the rewards and use them to continue upgrading your army and you can also keep developing the city you took over to serve as passive income. Aside from expeditions, you can also partake in various game modes like the EXP Tower where you can train generals individually. There is also the Arena which contains game modes like Ordeal and Limited Campaign where you can earn valuable rewards. You can also play with your friends and build alliances, factions, or kingdoms together. Collectively, you can take over more cities and conquer the Three Kingdoms with ease.

Upgrading your army in Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M requires plenty of resources like EXP, silver, and gold. In particular, EXP is needed to make your generals more powerful and unlock new skills that can decimate more enemies or unlock new troop types and formations that can give you more strategic options. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the various methods to easily farm EXP, silver, gold, and even other useful items like gear to make your army more powerful when you play Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M. If you haven’t done so already, check out this guide on how to upgrade your generals and general tips to win more expeditions.

City Instance

Whenever you take over a city, you are given the option to run instances in that city where you can easily earn resources, mostly silver and a bunch of other valuable items like potions and remedies.

Farming EXP and Other Resources in Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M

To start an instance, go to Expedition, click on any city that you have conquered, and then click Instance. Every instance offers silver, but some instances offer bonus rewards like potions, remedies, EXP pills, and the like. Note that instances only give you a chance to get the aforementioned rewards so do not expect any guarantees. Your getting the rewards depends on the drop rate. The drop rate becomes higher when you challenge the instance at higher difficulties. There are three difficulties: Normal, Epic, and Legend.

When a difficulty is selected, you can start the instance by clicking Challenge. Instances play out like regular battles, so you still need to select generals to deploy and make strategic decisions to defeat the enemy. Completing the instance in Legend difficulty unlocks the Blitz option which completes the instance instantly, so you don’t have to play through it.

Farming EXP and Other Resources in Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M

The game conveniently lists out all playable instances for you through the Instance menu. This can be found by clicking on the Instance button when you are in your main city. The Instance menu categorizes instances according to EXP, Stats, and Gear.

City Development

Aside from running instances, you can also maximize your cities’ ability to serve as passive income.

Farming EXP and Other Resources in Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M

After taking over a city, it starts generating a fixed amount of silver every 10 minutes. You can improve this rate by developing the city. To develop a city, go to Expedition, click on the city that you want to develop, click on Develop, and then click on Confirm to upgrade your city for silver. Aside from increased silver production, the chances of searching new gear also increases.

Farming EXP and Other Resources in Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M

It is easier to manage all your cities in the Main City. The Main City organizes a neat list of conquered cities for you and collates all the revenue made by each city. Clicking on any city in the list brings you to the city so you can easily develop it. Additionally, you can also click the Develop All option to develop all cities in the list at once. Try to make all your cities have the same level.


The game also provides side missions called quests where you can earn bonus rewards aside from expeditions. There are three categories of quests: Main, Daily, and Limited-time.

Farming EXP and Other Resources in Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M

  • Main – main quests reward you with silver and gold when you conquer a new city in expeditions.

Farming EXP and Other Resources in Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M

  • Daily – daily quests are a set of quests that you can only complete within a day before the set refreshes. There are four daily quests per day. Each quest usually involves easy tasks such as developing a city, boosting gear, or other mundane tasks. Every daily quest rewards you with silver but differs in the bonus rewards they give. Some daily quests give gold, EXP pills, gear, and other special items.
  • Limited-time – limited-time quests are special quests that can only be done within specific dates and times. At most times, this is empty but keep an eye out for when new limited-time quests pop up.

EXP Tower

The EXP Tower is a special building located in the main city where you can train specific generals and earn them EXP without having to go to battle and risk injury.

Farming EXP and Other Resources in Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M

The tower is located beside the clinic. In the EXP Tower, select the generals that you want to train. The amount of generals you can train depends on the number of generals that you can deploy to combat. You can increase this by upgrading the Main City building. Make sure to fill up all the slots because you cannot add more generals once training has started. Once selected, choose either basic training (pay with silver) or advanced training (pay with gold). Advanced training generates twice more EXP than basic training.

Farming EXP and Other Resources in Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M

Once training starts, you have to wait 8 hours for it to complete. Your generals will earn EXP during this time and you can see how much they’re earning in the Instance menu (EXP from Current Training). Interestingly, you can still deploy generals to battles even when they are still in the EXP Tower.