Ghost Master:Survival is is a role-playing game crafted by Pisces Game, set against a fantastical backdrop at the beginning of the 20th century. The game unfolds in a landscape haunted by vengeful spirits, in the midst of a war that broke out due to changing circumstances.

A Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Master:Survival

A ghost hunter from Thailand has arrived to prevent the Thousand Year Demon King from breaking free from his seal. He aims to defeat the demon and seal it again, but the task is fraught with unexpected challenges. During this mission, the strength of a Rosary awakens the Ghost Princess, leading the hunter to summon a magical alchemist with control over lightning, as well as a god skilled in healing and driving out zombies. Also check some Tips and Tricks for playing Ghost Master: Survival on PC.

These characters have come from different parts of Asia, each contributing to the impending battle that defines a century, a clash between good and evil. The story leads players to the fictional location of Masirarab, where genuine Thai ghost gods await. The game also includes a unique class of sorcerers, dressed in attire specifically designed for Thai users, adding a layer of cultural specificity to the experience.

Gameplay Mechanics

A Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Master:Survival

Ghost Master:Survival is similar to many MMORPGs for Android and iOS devices. While you can manually control your hero in and out of battle, there’s an autobattle feature that allows you to “idle” your way to victory. Basically, you can progress rather quickly, especially during the early stages of the game, wit minimal input on your part.

However, the farther you make it into the game, the more you will have to be invested in order to progress. You will have to set up your gear and spells in order to take you and other players across the vistas of spooky vistas of Ghost Master:Survival and toward victory.

A Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Master:Survival

Earning points and gear is quite simple—just complete the missions assigned to you and claim your rewards. The quality of the gear you receive depends on the difficulty of the mission, so don’t expect elite-tier equipment only after completing the first few quests!

Boss Battles

A Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Master:Survival

Scattered throughout the dark world of Ghost Master:Survival are bosses that you need to eliminate from the face of the planet. Doing so requires the eloquence of mashing the attack button until the boss falls do their knees.

However, regardless of whether autobattle is activated or not, you will have to slay the bosses manually. So, this is where your gear setup and teaming up with other players in this MMORPG takes form. The first few bosses can be dealt with singlehandedly, but the more you play, the more challenging the mobs and bosses become. Even autobattle may struggle to lead your hero to victory!


A Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Master:Survival

Ghost Master:Survival rewards it players by providing them with awesome bonuses. There’s a countdown timer on the righthand side of your screen, near your attack inputs, that you tap/click in order to receive the claimables.

These rewards come in various forms, depending on how long you’ve played. For instance, the first claimable contains XP and a bit of gold. Later on, you can receive all sorts of goodies, like gear, stat bonuses, and even in-game currency to purchase exclusive items.

Character Screen

On the top-left corner of the screen, you’ll find your hero’s avatar. Clicking the avatar will direct you to the Character Screen. On the lefthand side, there are three tabs: Stats, Inventory, and Titles.


A Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Master:Survival

The Stats tab shows you your hero’s current level, XP bar, realm, guild, partner, title, and appeal. You will want to keep up with the Stats tab in order to see how far you’ve progressed in Ghost Master:Survival and compare your progress with other players.


A Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Master:Survival

The Inventory tab shows you your gear rating, the items you have in your inventory (many of your claimables will appear here), and the current level of your skills and equipment. You can level up your equipment to improve their current stat bonuses pretty easily. However, increasing their tier, which increases the number of stat lines, requires completing numerous missions.


A Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Master:Survival

Finally, the Titles tab shows you the various titles you’ve received for your efforts. Clicking on each title and the sub-titles beneath them will reveal the different requirements. Some are easy to achieve, some are difficult. Pay attention to your Inventory and Stats to see which Title you should aim for next.

Teaming Up

A Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Master:Survival

As an MMORPG, you’d expect Ghost Master:Survival to have a multiplayer aspect to it. This is where Team Up comes into play.

The Team Up button can be found near your attack inputs. When you click it, it will open the Team window, which allows you to apply for a Team or create your own (you’ll need to spend resources for this).

Teaming Up lets you complete missions alongside other players, swap gear, and even become hostile to other players or factions of players. People are always willing to help new players out since Ghost Master:Survival is still a relatively new game.

This concludes our beginner’s guide for Ghost Master:Survival. To play Ghost Master:Survival on a bigger screen of your PC, it is highly recommended to use BlueStacks along with your keyboard and mouse.