Fans of the Torchlight series have to wait for the moment when XD Entertainment announces the release date for Torchlight: Infinite, the newest addition of ARPG’s in the mix of the famous Torchlight series. Touted to be a cross-platformer, Torchlight: Infinite primarily seems to be a mobile game that is going to be available as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Torchlight: Infinite does support in-game microtransactions for players who want to spend to get some in-game loot. The official release date for the open beta test of Torchlight: Infinite has been announced on their social media platforms as 12th October 2022. Players across the globe will be able to participate in the open beta but the regions where the game will be available to download are not disclosed as of now. The progress made in the open beta servers will be saved permanently and can be recovered once the game officially launches. 

Torchlight: Infinite – A Thorough Guide for Talents

The concept of loot-based RPGs has been completely revised in Torchlight: Infinite as per the developers of the game. One such aspect is the grindy nature of the genre where players are expected to devote countless hours of their time to fighting non-sensical and repetitive game modes to obtain resources. In Torchlight: Infinite, players will be able to collect resources in a similar concept but at a much faster pace and the fighting will be quite diverse with challenging enemies and bosses coming your way. One highly criticized feature of the game is its bad monetization where players who buy the pass can collect the same amount of resources just by being AFK (Away From Keyboard) or idle. Torchlight: Infinite’s events are set in a universe that is 200 years in the future after the events of Torchlight 2. Players will be able to meet new faces and playable heroes such as:

  • Rehan – A merciless sword holder.
  • Carino – A well-mannered gentleman that is extremely proud of his gunnery. 
  • Gemma – A master of thermal mech energy technology.
  • Youga – A world-class mage that does not care much about his destiny.
  • Moto – A mischievous witch who deals magical damage

New characters are in the talks of being added but essentially these 5 heroes will be playable at the launch of the game.

Torchlight: Infinite – A Thorough Guide for Talents

Torchlight: Infinite might be the perfect choice for your style if you love grinding away in different dungeons to upgrade your heroes and provide them with better skills and equipment. Essentially an Action based RPG at the core of its gameplay loop, Torchlight: Infinite follows the concept of winner takes all where the loser drops their loot only to be respawned at a different location. However, that’s just for the PvP game mode. Players can take part in multiple different challenging dungeons as part of the PvE content. 

Torchlight: Infinite – A Thorough Guide for Talents

In this guide, we will be covering everything related to talents that a new player must know:

  • What are Talents?
  • What are Talent Nodules?
  • How do reset Talents?
  • Talent Trees with Examples

What are Talents? 

After choosing your starting hero, the talents you want to equip them with are the most important question that will come to every player’s mind. Well, the answer is not a simple yes or no but a long-format question that defines your gameplay and combat style. Each hero in Torchlight: Infinite can be played in multiple ways, and they were designed that way to be relatable to every player. This is completely different from a class system seen in many ARPGs and MMORPGs that define a particular character to a particular playstyle. Talents in Torchlight: Infinite are divided into 6 different deities or Gods. These Gods represent the 6 different masters of elements. Under each God, there exist 4 separate panels that can be filled with the talents players choose from the God trees. The God trees are as follows:

  • God of Might
  • Goddess of Hunting
  • Goddess of Knowledge
  • Goddess of Darkness
  • God of War
  • God of Machines

Torchlight: Infinite – A Thorough Guide for Talents

Players can only acquire up to 24 panels worth of talents that can be chosen from, and each player has access to fill over 3 different talent panels of their liking. For the first talent panel, players can choose one talent from the first 6 talents available in each God tree. The recommended talent for the player will be highlighted with an asterisk mark. This is recommended to choose for new players who have no idea of which talents to choose and customize their character with. For example, the recommended talent for the hero Berserker Rehan is “God of Might”. 

In the second talent panel for the character, players will be required to choose a talent from a specific list of talents available for the character. Hence, these talents are somewhat exclusive to the character that you have chosen. In this section as well, the game will guide new players with an asterisk mark to dictate the talent which is recommended for the character by the game. Lastly, for the third and final talent panel, no such limit is seen. Players are free to experiment to their fullest for the last talent. This talent can be chosen from any of the 6 God trees that we mentioned in the first talent panel. 

Talent Nodes

Talent nodes can be called “Rarity” of the talent. Rarity as in availability, accessibility, and worth in ascending order. The 3 different types of Talent nodes are as follows:

  • Micro Talents – These talents are essential for any character as they directly contribute towards enhancing the base stats of the character. For example, a micro talent might give the character overall +12% Attack Damage or +20% Health Points. As such, they are the available beginning of their talent panels and players can enhance them before any other type of talent nodes. These talents are limited for every character as enhancing base stats is one of the best aspects in increasing the raw power of your hero. 
  • Medium Talents – These talents make up the gameplay style of the hero and decided how you want to play them. These talents can enhance the damage dealt after using abilities or taking damage from abilities. They can also put-up additional effects that can change the tide of the game in your favor. An example would be “+20% to the next Fire Damage dealt by the Main Skill every 2s”
  • Core Talents – These talents are essential as they make up the core of the hero] Each talent nodule has slots for 2 different core talents. Players can choose 1 out of 3 different core talents to go with their hero at every Major Core talent nodule. Major Talent nodules grant the hero some special abilities. For example, “Damage ignores enemy fire resistance”.

Torchlight: Infinite – A Thorough Guide for Talents

Acquiring Talent Nodes is one of the easiest jobs for any player as they gain +1 talent nodule after gaining 1 player level. Hence, players can unlock all the talent nodules after reaching Level 80. Some additional talent nodules can also be acquired as players complete the main story tasks are given to them for progression. 

How to Reset Talent Nodes?

Resetting Talent nodules is a legitimate concern for many players who might want to explore different ways to play with their heroes or have chosen the wrong talents. Do not worry as the developers are quite aware of this concern. 

Torchlight: Infinite – A Thorough Guide for Talents

Hence, at the time of its global launch, Torchlight: Infinite will have 2 different ways to reset talents:

  • Level 80 or Below – At this stage, players can freely change or reset their talent nodules without any cost. This is to encourage the idea of customization and hero-building among new players.
  • Above Level 80 – After crossing level 80, players will be required to use Elixir of Oblivions to reset their talent nodules.
  • Elixir of Oblivion – A rare item that is obtained from farming monsters or defeating boss monsters. Players can also get it from the in-game Trade House that supports player-to-player trading. It can also be purchased via microtransactions in the in-game shop.

Talent Trees and Examples

Here are some examples of God of Might talents:

  • Minor Talent 1 -> +5% maximum life
  • Minor Talent 2 -> +4% maximum life and +4/5% Life Regain
  • Minor Talent 3 -> +12% attack damage 
  • Medium Talent 1 -> +20% fire damage and +10% fire resistance
  • Medium Talent 2 -> +8% attack speed and -10 attack skill cost
  • Medium Talent 3 -> +6% cast speed and +20% fire skill area
  • Core Talent 1 (Great Strength) -> -15% attack speed and +35% additional Main Hand Weapon Damage
  • Core Talent 2 (Elimination) -> Eliminate enemies under 18% Life On Hit
  • Core Talent 3 (Blazing Fire) -> +20% additional Fire DoT. Inflicts 10 Affliction when dealing Fire Damage. CD: 1/10 s

Torchlight: Infinite – A Thorough Guide for Talents

Here are some examples of Goddess of Hunting talents:

  • Minor Talent 1 -> +8% maximum mana
  • Minor Talent 2 -> +5% maximum life and +5% maximum energy shield
  • Minor Talent 3 -> +5% maximum life
  • Medium Talent 1 -> +8% Shock chance and 25% physical damage converted to lightning damage
  • Medium Talent 2 -> +8% maximum life and +16% lightning resistance
  • Medium Talent 3 -> +8% additional Attack Speed on recent Critical Strike
  • Core Talent 1 (Impermanence) -> -40% extra minimum damage and +40% extra maximum damage
  • Core Talent 2 (Flicker) -> +100% additional Mobility skill Cooldown Recovery Speed and +20% extra Mobility skill Attack and Cast Speed
  • Core Talent 3 (Flash of Brilliance) -> Gains 1 stack of Agility Blessing when using Non-Channelled Mobility Skills and 25% chance to get the maximum stacks of Agility Blessing when Agility Blessing is gained.

Torchlight: Infinite – A Thorough Guide for Talents

Here are some examples of Goddess of Knowledge talents:

  • Minor Talent 1 -> +10% Focus Blessing Duration
  • Minor Talent 2 -> +12% cold damage
  • Minor Talent 3 -> +12% skill area 
  • Medium Talent 1 -> +12% maximum mana. Regenerates 4/5% mana per second
  • Medium Talent 2 -> +12% Frostbite duration
  • Medium Talent 3 -> +100% chance to gain 1 stack of Focus Blessing when Freezing a target
  • Core Talent 1 (Beacon) -> +25% extra spell damage and +25% extra skill cost
  • Core Talent 2 (Chilly) -> +20% additional Cold Damage taken by Nearby enemies. Prevents Nearby enemies from regenerating Life.
  • Core Talent 3 (Burning Touch) -> Immune to Frostbite. +20% additional Cold and Fire Damage.

Torchlight: Infinite – A Thorough Guide for Talents

Here are some examples of Goddess of Darkness talents:

  • Minor Talent 1 -> +5% maximum energy shield
  • Minor Talent 2 -> +12% Erosion Damage
  • Minor Talent 3 -> +12% persistent damage
  • Medium Talent 1 -> +8% maximum energy shield. Gain Blur when Energy Shield starts to Charge.
  • Medium Talent 2 -> +8% attack and cast speed
  • Medium Talent 3 -> +8% maximum life and +6% life regeneration speed
  • Core Talent 1 (Plague) -> 40% chance for DoT to spread to targets Nearby. +80% persistent damage duration
  • Core Talent 2 (Mixture) -> Convert 50% of Physical and Elemental Damage into Erosion Damage. +100% chance to Paralyze the target on hit.
  • Core Talent 3 (Subtle Impact) -> Blur grants additional Effect: +30% additional DoT taken by Nearby enemies.

Torchlight: Infinite – A Thorough Guide for Talents

Here are some examples of God of War talents:

  • Minor Talent 1 -> +5% maximum life
  • Minor Talent 2 -> +20% critical strike rating
  • Minor Talent 3 -> +12% attack damage 
  • Medium Talent 1 -> +18% damage and +2% chance to deal double damage
  • Medium Talent 2 -> +24% physical damage
  • Medium Talent 3 -> +8% chance to Bleed and +20% Bleed damage
  • Core Talent 1 (Brutality) -> +35% extra physical damage. Cannot deal Elemental Damage
  • Core Talent 2 (Determined) -> Upon taking fatal damage, you keep at least 1 Life and become immune to DoT for 1 second. CD: 8 seconds
  • Core Talent 3 (Instant Smash) -> +100% additional Bleed Damage dealt by Critical Strikes and +125% Critical Strike Damage against Bleeding enemies.

Torchlight: Infinite – A Thorough Guide for Talents

Here are some examples of God of Machine talents:

  • Minor Talent 1 -> +15% Sentry Damage
  • Minor Talent 2 -> +5% maximum life and +15% minion Maximum Life
  • Minor Talent 3 -> +15% minion Damage
  • Medium Talent 1 -> +10% maximum life and +30% minion Maximum Life
  • Medium Talent 2 -> +30% Sentry Damage
  • Medium Talent 3 -> +24% Sentry Skill Radius and +20% Sentry Duration
  • Core Talent 1 (Orders) -> +35% minion attack and cast speed and +100% extra summon skill Cast Speed
  • Core Talent 2 (Sentry) -> +1 maximum Sentries. +100% additional Cast Speed for the skills of Sentries placed
  • Core Talent 3 (Mighty Guard) -> +3 minion skill level and -25% minion aggressiveness

Torchlight: Infinite – A Thorough Guide for Talents

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