As we’ve mentioned on other occasions, Valiant Force 2 is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the gacha RPG market, offering an engaging tactical RPG combat system, along with a unique Aura System that gives you myriad ways to build your teams in order to get the most out of them. However, despite these innovations, the game is, at its core, a gacha RPG, which means that a lot of your time and effort will go towards unlocking and upgrading the best heroes and characters in the game.

Just like in any other gacha RPG, knowing is half the battle in Valiant Force 2. More specifically, knowing which characters to unlock and which to avoid will be pivotal in helping you to build the best teams and squads. Particularly if you’re rerolling in Valiant Force 2, knowing which characters to aim for will make your life much easier. However, with 53 different heroes to unlock as of the game’s launch, it’ll be a bit difficult to tell the good ones from the bad apples, which is precisely where this tier list comes in.

In this Valiant Force 2 tier list, we’ll be giving you a list of several noteworthy characters that you should aim to recruit as early as possible, as well as a few heroes that you are better off leaving on the sidelines. The idea here is to help you understand what makes a good character, and what characters you should avoid adding to your team.

The Best Valiant Force 2 Tier List

  1. S Tier Valiant Force 2 Heroes
  2. A Tier Valiant Force 2 Heroes
  3. B Tier Valiant Force 2 Heroes
  4. C Tier Valiant Force 2 Heroes

While this game has a few innovative mechanics for its team building and combat systems, the way in which you unlock new characters is pretty much par for the course for the genre. In other words, most of your characters will come directly from the gacha, which in turn requires premium currency or tickets for every summoning. As such, most of your time in Valiant Force 2 will be spent either progressing through the story to unlock many of the different features in the game, or completing quests and daily challenges in order to farm for currency and materials for unlocking new characters and upgrading the ones that are already in your roster.

When it comes to the summoning system itself, this one is also quite standard, featuring multiple banners with different rates and hero pools, but that ultimately boils down to paying for pulling characters. 

As of launch, there are three banners to pull from in Valiant Force 2: The basic Madeleine Summon banner, which has increased rates of obtaining this character, and has a guaranteed chance of yielding an SR unit with every 10x pull; the Step-Up Summon banner, which gives you additional rewards for every summoning, but can only be paid with Gems that you have bought with real money, and the Grand Invocation, which is a standard banner that guarantees an SR unit with every 10x pull.

There are two main ways to go about this: Either you’re interested in the hero featured in the current banner; or you don’t care much for the character in question and will want to pull from the Grand Invocation banner. Either way, the recommended method is to save up until you can purchase 10x pulls, so that you can at least obtain a guaranteed SR unit from the gacha. 

With that being said, here are the summoning rates for these two main banners in Valiant Force 2:

  • Character Banner Summon
    • 1.5% chance to pull the featured character.
    • 0.08% chance of obtaining any other specific SSR character.
    • 1% chance of obtaining a specific SR character.
    • 6.58% chance of obtaining a specific R character.
    • Overall, you have 3% chance for any SSR, 18% chance for any SR, and 79% chance for any R.
  • Grand Invocation Banner
    • 0.16% chance of obtaining a specific SSR character.
    • 1% chance of obtaining a specific SR character.
    • 6.58% chance of obtaining a specific R character.
    • Overall, you have 3% chance for any SSR, 18% chance for any SR, and 79% chance for any R.

The overall rates for the Grand Invocation banner are the same as the Character Summon banner (3% SSR, 18% SR, 79% R), though the former has twice the chance of resulting in specific SSR characters, making it better for rerolling, in general, unless you’re interested in the hero that is currently featured in the Character Summon banner.

Now that we know how the summoning rates work in this game, we can go ahead and dive into the Valiant Force 2 tier list. Keep in mind that the way we present our list is by giving a quick and easy version here, and then explore the featured characters in greater detail in the next section. The objective is that you can get a feel for the best characters in the game, and also a good understanding of what makes them stand out so that you can create your own tier lists in the future. 

S Tier Heroes

Name Rarity Type
Vincent SSR Champion
Emilia SSR Healer
Miu SSR Shadow
Cybella SSR Ranger

A Tier Heroes

Name Rarity Type
Altima SSR Guardian
Madeleine SSR Mystic
Raegar SSR Shadow
Kahuna SSR Healer

B Tier Heroes

Name Rarity Type
Esteria SR Ranger
Felix SR Mystic
Elise SR Champion
Malik SR Shadow

C Tier Heroes

Name Rarity Type
Reiner SSR Guardian
Zedda SSR Mystic
Nadia SSR Ranger

Keep in mind that while unlocking a few good characters is great, especially if you do it early on, there’s much more to team building in Valiant Force 2 than simply throwing powerful heroes into your squad. For instance, by arranging your heroes correctly, you can create Aura combos that can trigger tons of different effects in combat when certain conditions are met. As such, even sub-par characters can be quite powerful when arranged correctly. Check out our Aura System guide if you want to learn more about this complex aspect.

With that being said, let’s move onto the detailed view of the characters we mentioned in our tier list above, so that you can learn what makes them great and, in the case of the C tier heroes, what makes them bad.

S Tier Valiant Force 2 Heroes

Tier lists in Valiant Force 2 work a bit differently than in other games, which is mostly thanks to the Aura System and other supporting mechanics that makes squads more powerful than the sum of their parts. As such, even with an average team, you can have great success if you manage to arrange them optimally on the grid. Regardless, this tier corresponds to the units who are undoubtedly the strongest in the game—heroes that can accomplish great feats even without outside assistance.


The Champion class in Valiant Force 2 will be, for the most part, your main workhorse in this game—the units that you will send out into the frontlines to tank the enemy and also to deal as much damage as possible. In this regard, Vincent stands out among the rest as being arguably one of the strongest units in his class.

Vincent is not only quite powerful stat-wise, but his attack type cleaves three tiles ahead of him, allowing him to strike multiple enemies with every attack, which can be deadly if used in conjunction with the right Aura combos. Moreover, his Aura Trigger is receiving heals, which prompts all linked units to attack any enemy in range for a whopping 65% damage. On top of that, his active skill is a powerful blow that can affect multiple enemies, inflicting them with a DoT debuff, and increasing Vincent’s own ATK by 20% for two turns.

Vincent is like a much stronger version of Elise, which makes him into a very desirable character to aim for if you’re rerolling in Valiant Force 2.


Healer characters aren’t usually regarded as the best heroes in their respective games. However, we had to make an exception for Emilia as she has the best heals in the game, being able to single handedly keep the group in fighting form.

Case in point, her active skill is a very powerful heal that can basically restore a unit’s health back to full, while also clearing them of up to five different debuffs. Meanwhile, her Aura passive also allows her to heal her linked units even more, which is great considering that she has three Aura Bearings that allow her to potentially link up with several of her squad mates. It goes without saying that with Emilia in your team, you’ll have a much easier time surviving encounters, though this comes at the expense of the damage that you would have by choosing a DPS instead of a support character.


As is the case with Shadow characters, Miu’s role is to creep up to the enemy and inflict as much damage as possible in the shortest period. To facilitate this, Miu has a very strong active skill that deals multiple hits of damage to the target while also inflicting them with Weaken, and also having a chance of delaying the cooldown of the target’s active skill by 1 turn.

These debuffs feed directly into Miu’s Aura Trigger, which activates whenever she successfully inflicts any of these conditions, and causes all linked units to attack a random target in range for up to 65% damage. And just like Emilia above, Miu has three Aura Bearings, allowing her to link up with many units in her squad.


A good choice of ranged hero that can deal tons of damage as well as help protect her team via her defensive Aura passive.

Cybella is a Ranger with decent stats that can deal good damage with her basic attacks. However, her main draw comes from her fantastic active skill that deals heavy direct damage, and then deals even more damage the next turn. And on top of that, this skill buffs her own ATK stat by 20% for two turns. In contrast, her Aura passive is triggered whenever she lands a basic attack, and boosts the P. DEF of all linked units. This buff can be applied to up to three heroes, owing to her three Aura Bearings.

A Tier Valiant Force 2 Heroes

While the S tier heroes shine for their individual prowess and utility, the characters in this tier are also quite powerful in their own right, though they rely more on properly setting them up in order to achieve their full potential.


Regarded as one of the best tanks in the game, Altima has everything you might ever need from a character that’s supposed to be the defender of the team, and the best part is that you can get her for free right after completing the tutorial, as she’s one of the three SSR heroes available to select at that point.

The reason Altima is so strong as a tank is because she’s not only quite tanky, but she’s also a brilliant support that, when used correctly, can keep herself healed up. This is thanks to her active skill that grants magical protection to all her allies, while also imbuing her with an additional effect that restores 30% of her HP at the end of her turn. Moreover, Altima has a great striking Aura that prompts linked units to attack any nearby enemies whenever she’s triggered. As such, considering that she also has three Aura Bearings, Altima is a prime character for setting up powerful combos.


Coincidentally, the first featured character in the character summon banner at the moment of the game’s launch also happens to be one of the best Mystics in the game at this point. Madeleine is an interesting character in Valiant Force 2, particularly since she’s a caster that doesn’t really rely on any destructive spells. In fact, her active skill is actually a powerful buff that increases her own stats considerably, and which feeds directly into her Aura passive, which triggers whenever she uses her active skill.

Madeleine’s active skill grants her several buffs: First and foremost, it rouses her, allowing her to move one extra tile on her turn. Additionally, it increases her S-CRIT% by 110%, while also granting her Haste, which reduces the cooldowns on her active skill by 10 turns. On top of that, this skill also increases her ATK and activates her Aura passive, which also increases the ATK of all linked units by 15%. 

All in all, Madeleine is an unconventional Mystic character that is better used as a strong support for your heavy hitters. The fact that she can activate her Aura passive at any moment with her active skill makes her into a valuable asset in most combat scenarios.


Another Shadow hero, who is oddly similar to Miu, the previous hero of the same type that we mentioned in the S tier. 

Raegar’s active skill is identical to that of Miu’s, as a multi-hit skill that has a chance of inflicting a Weaken debuff on the target. However, while Miu’s Aura passive triggers whenever she inflicts a debuff, Raegar’s passive triggers whenever he simply attacks. However, his passive isn’t as strong as Miu’s, as it only causes the linked units to inflict a Weaken debuff on nearby enemies, reducing their M. DEF for one turn. In this sense, while his damage output might be weaker than Miu’s, he can still set the field and indirectly increase the DPS of allies that inflict mainly magical damage.


While it’s difficult to match the healing that Emilia can provide, Kahuna is still quite good in this regard, while also offering additional benefits on top of her restorative abilities.

Kahuna’s active skill is both a buff and a heal. However, instead of healing HP directly, it does so via a strong regen buff that restores HP every turn. On top of that, this skill grants a massive 45% ATK buff and a 30% CRIT% buff that lasts for two turns. As such, you can use it offensively by buffing your Shadows or Champions so that they can do tons of damage. And as if that wasn’t enough, Kahuna’s Aura passive activates whenever she uses her active skill, further increasing the ATK of linked units by 15% for one turn.

B Tier Valiant Force 2 Heroes

These are your average heroes in terms of performance. However, don’t let their humble skill sets fool you, these characters can wreak havoc when set up correctly, thanks to the Aura System. 

While the above tiers are mainly composed of SSR heroes, this one will be predominantly SR characters, as they are also quite strong when used correctly. Furthermore, they are significantly more common than their SSR counterparts, which means that you’ll probably be using these a lot at the beginning.Regardless, you’ll want to replace these first if you ever manage to summon any better units.


This character is great for a couple of reasons: First off, her active skill summons a Crom Hound to the field, which not only gives the enemy another target to attack, but that also buffs Esteria’s attack by 22.5% everytime this summoned unit attacks. On top of that, Esteria is a Ranger with decent damage output herself, who can also keep her allies topped up thanks to her Aura passive.

Esteria’s Aura is triggered whenever she attacks, and restores the HP of all linked units by a small amount. And considering that you’ll want her to attack as much as possible, this skill will go a long way towards helping you keep the pressure up by not having to worry as much about healing.


The very first Mystic that you recruit as soon as you start your journey in Valiant Force 2. Felix is a very decent caster that can deal a lot of damage with his active skill, while keeping himself and his allies buffed up with additional ATK so that they can deal additional damage.

Felix’s active skill is a very powerful nuke that deals heavy direct damage, as well as additional hits afterward for more damage. On top of that, this skill Imbues the enemy for one turn, dealing even more damage when this condition expires. And as if that wasn’t enough, this active skill also grants Felix a 30% ATK buff, increasing his overall damage output even more in subsequent turns. Lastly, his Aura passive triggers whenever he casts an active skill, and gives all linked units a 10% ATK buff for one turn, sharing some of his buff with his allies.


Another powerful SR heroine that will serve you loyally as long as you keep her upgraded and properly set up in your formation. 

Elise is a strong Champion character that can not only dish out tons of damage with her basic attacks and active skill, but that can also withstand a lot of pain thanks to her defensive passives. Her active skill deals heavy damage to a single enemy while buffing Elise’s ATK by 30% for two turns, and granting her a 25% protection buff for the same duration. On top of that, Elise has a striking Aura that causes linked units to automatically attack a random enemy whenever triggered. However, this passive is triggered whenever Elise receives a buff, which makes it a bit more complicated to use properly, compared to more simpler triggers.


We were surprised to see that Malik wasn’t even mentioned on any of the other Valiant Force 2 tier lists out there, considering that he’s a pretty decent SR Shadow hero, owing to his powerful active skill and Aura passive combo.

Malik is a great Shadow character that’s more suited for the frontlines, thanks to his active skill that deals heavy damage while also temporarily stealing some of the target’s ATK and HIT stats. As such, he’s a great hero for weakening the enemy heavy hitters while adding their strength to his own. On top of that, his Aura passive is triggered whenever he inflicts debuffs, and causes linked units to attack nearby enemies, further increasing his damage potential.

While he can be a bit tricky to use correctly, Malik has a lot of potential for a lowly SR hero.

C Tier Valiant Force 2 Heroes

This tier exists for one purpose: to demonstrate how even SSR characters can be weak and sub par. As such, these units should be avoided at all costs, unless you absolutely have no one better in your roster.


It’s sad how such a sturdy and strong tank can be so weak in practice. Reiner has all the makings of an excellent tank, a fact that comes at the expense of his offensive potential. You see, what makes a tank great in games like these isn’t necessarily how tough they are, but how much damage they can do while still offering good defenses. And in this case, while Reiner is very tough and can be useful in certain situations, his damage output is laughable, which is a shame.

While he’s not the worst character out there, the fact that Reiner is an SSR hero is like adding insult to injury, as this rarity is quite difficult to obtain from the gacha.


A caster with an identity crisis, much like in the case of Madeleine! However, in contrast with Madeleine, Zedda’s skills aren’t remotely as useful, particularly since they rely on enemies actually stepping into specific tiles in order to achieve their full effect.

Zedda’s active skill has two components: An indirect damage component that inflicts a powerful DoT on all enemies, which coincidentally is the only good part of this skill, and a “Trap” component that rigs a target tile that weakens the first enemy that moves to it. While the DoT is great since it affects the entire enemy team, the second part of this skill isn’t very good. On top of that, her Aura passive simply heals all linked units slightly whenever Zedda uses her active skill.

Zedda is just kind of a mediocre heroine all around.


Last but definitely least, Nadia.

Remember how we just chewed out Zedda due to the secondary component of her active skill? Well, Nadia’s active skill is almost the same, except much weaker. Whenever an enemy walks into Nadia’s trap, they suffer a ATK debuff, while also potentially immobilizing the entire enemy team. Moreover, while the DoT component is still here, it’s significantly weaker than Zedda’s. On top of that, this skill is entirely reliant on the enemy actually triggering the trap by walking on the rigged tile, which is not always guaranteed.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Nadia’s Aura passive is triggered only when she inflicts a debuff, which means that if no one ever triggers her trap, this unit is almost completely useless on the field. And even if they DO trigger the trap, it only makes linked units inflict a Weaken debuff on a single nearby enemy. All of these conditions conspire to make her into arguably the worst character in the game.

And that’s it for our Valiant Force 2 tier list. Feel free to leave us your own suggestions and comments in the section below!