In Vikings: War of Clans, nearly two dozen different buildings compete for a limited number of construction sites in each kingdom. To develop a base that will take you well into the late-game, you must decide which buildings are most important to you and how many copies of each should be constructed. Otherwise, your kingdom will lack a clear focus and won’t keep up with neighboring enemies.

Vikings: War of Clans – The Complete Guide to Your Base and Resources

But before you can plan the development of your base, you need to know your options. Not all buildings are available from the get-go, yet you need to save room for them if you want to avoid costly demolitions. To spare your resources and time, we’ve put together a list of all possible buildings and their functions. In addition, we describe two possible base patterns for offensive and defensive players.

Buildings, Functions, and Bonuses

All buildings in Vikings: WoC have a primary function, but some of them also provide additional bonuses. This information should serve as the foundation of your construction plan and should determine which buildings you ought to favor based on your playstyle.

The Palace

As with most mobile strategy games, the Palace is the central construction in your kingdom. It determines the level of the entire kingdom, as well as how far your other buildings can be upgraded.

Vikings: War of Clans – The Complete Guide to Your Base and Resources

The Oracle

This is easily the building that brings the highest contribution to the development of your kingdom. Here, you can research new troops, hero and shaman abilities, as well as economic and defensive technologies.

Vikings: War of Clans – The Complete Guide to Your Base and Resources

The Hero’s Abode

This is where you can consult your Hero’s stats and equipment. The higher the level of the Hero’s Abode, the more bonus XP your Hero earns with each kingdom improvement and action.

The Hall of Mysteries

This is essentially a Hero’s Abode for your Shaman. Upgrade it to help your Shaman earn more bonus XP.

The Forge

Equipment worn by Heroes and Shamans can significantly improve the economic and military status of your kingdom. The Forge is where you create such powerful items and combine different materials for even better results.

Vikings: War of Clans – The Complete Guide to Your Base and Resources

The Workshop and Rune Workshop

The Workshop is where you can embed gems and runes into the equipment of your Heroes and Shamans. The Rune Workshop, on the other hand, is a place where you can create and improve Runes.

The Market, Mead Hall, and War Bloc

These three buildings are needed by all players who are active in a clan. The Market allows you to send resources to other clan members, the Mead Hall lets you send and receive troops from them, whereas the War Bloc helps you organize coordinated attacks with your clan.

The Barracks

This is where you train troops. The higher the level of the Barracks, the more troops you can train at once.

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Vikings: War of Clans – The Complete Guide to Your Base and Resources

The Infirmary

When your troops are injured in battle, a part of them return to the Infirmary and recover. The higher the level of this building, the more troops it can hold when needed. Troops who do not fit here go straight to the resurrection tab and eventually disappear.

The Shrine of Odin

This building shows information on your current troops and marches. If you want to organize several larger marches at the same time, you must first upgrade the Shrine of Odin.

Vikings: War of Clans – The Complete Guide to Your Base and Resources

The Sanctuary of the Aesir

This is where you can spend resources on blessings (or Aesir) for your troops and various aspects of your economy.

Valkyrie’s Citadel

This building allows you to permanently improve the various stats of your troops in exchange for resources. The higher its level, the better the boosts you can obtain.

The Watchtower

One of the most important buildings in your kingdom, the Watchtower offers information on any enemy marches that are headed your way. Levelling this building provides more information on each incoming march. It also lets you detect enemies sooner.

Vikings: War of Clans – The Complete Guide to Your Base and Resources

The Vault

In case of an attack, resources kept inside the Vault will not be plundered by your enemy. The more you upgrade this building, the more resources you can store at a time.

The Wall

Through special traps and other defensive technologies, the Wall adds to your force when you are under attack by another Jarl. Upgrading this building increases your chances to repel and attack and minimizes the number of troops you lose in the process.

Vikings: War of Clans – The Complete Guide to Your Base and Resources

Resource Buildings

There are five main resources in Vikings: WoC – Food, Lumber, Iron, Stone, and Silver. These are generated by specific buildings that include the Farm, the Lumber Mill, the Mine, the Stone Quarry, and the Manor. Once they have been levelled to 32, these constructions also provide small military bonuses per copy.

An Offensive vs. Defensive Base

With an offensive base, the goal is to always attack other players while never getting attacked yourself. The best way to achieve this is to build and upgrade 12 Manors and 2 Barracks in addition to 1 copy of all other constructions (with the exception of farms, which have their dedicated spots outside of town). Although you will lose many troops due to frequent attacks, each Manor will grant you a 1% training speed boost, which will help you generate enough new units to keep up the assault. Because you use only 1 Infirmary, most of your troops will die after an attack. Furthermore, you cannot afford to be attacked, which means you must always use a shield after you plunder another kingdom.

Vikings: War of Clans – The Complete Guide to Your Base and Resources

Alternatively, a defensive base costs more resources to put into practice and takes more time to develop. However, with 12 Infirmaries, 2 Barracks, and a very well-developed Wall, you can push back virtually any attack and force other Jarls to retreat in shame. What’s more, you will be able to preserve most of your troops due to the large number of Infirmaries. The downside to this strategy is that it can take a lot of time until you research enough technologies to actually become unbeatable. You’ll also sometimes need reinforcements from other clan members and you’ll have to constantly scout your surroundings for possible enemy marches.

Whether you choose to play defensively, offensively, or come up with a strategy of your own, it’s important to consider the development of your base from the very beginning. Now that you know what options you have in terms of buildings and bonuses, you’re ready to create a viable plan and put it into practice.

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