A Guide to the New Server Carnival in War and Magic

A Guide to the New Server Carnival...

Most mobile games offer their players chances to earn awesome prizes by playing the game in a specific manner. War and Magic is no exception to this, as there are always plenty of events available for players to prove their mettle and win amazing items for their efforts. These events are always changing, are widely varied and, depending on their type, offer many different rewards on completion.



In order to consult which events are currently active in War and Magic, all you need to do is visit the Event Center, which you can do by clicking on the carousel icon located on the top right corner of the screen. In this menu, you will learn about the current events, and of the prizes, they offer upon completion. In this sense, you can verify which ones are in your best interest to complete, and the ones that are better left for another time. However, keep in mind that these events are timed; if you don’t complete them promptly, they’ll disappear until another time.

Let’s take a look at the New Server Carnival that is currently active in War and Magic.


New Server Carnival

As War and Magic gains traction in the gaming community, more and more servers are created in order to accommodate the growing server population. Servers in this game are called Kingdoms, with many players inhabiting and fighting for domination of each of them. During the first 7 days of a server’s lifetime, the New Server Carnival event is launched, where players can participate in many routine tasks in order to earn many rewards to accelerate their progress.

The New Server Carnival involves many tasks, most of which are achievable by free users, while 3 of them require paying for in-game services. The paid tasks are the Hero in Treasure, Top Up Rebate, and gold consumption events, which involve either using golden keys to open treasures, purchasing gold, and spending the said gold on items to receive prizes, which include the following:




Resources Units Items Reputation
500 50k food x 2

50k wood x 2

Lvl. 3 Elven Archers x 35 30-Min Universal Speedup x 1 100
1,500 50k food x 3

50k wood x 3

Lvl. 3 Elven Archers x 70 30-Min Universal Speedup x 2 200
3,000 50k food x 4

50k wood x 4

Lvl. 3 Elven Archers x 110 30-Min Universal Speedup x 3 300
5,000 50k food x 5

50k wood x 5

Lvl. 3 Elven Archers x 140 30-Min Universal Speedup x 4 400
7,500 50k food x 6

50k wood x 6

Lvl. 3 Elven Archers x 180 30-Min Universal Speedup x 5 500
11,000 50k food x 7

50k wood x 7

Lvl. 3 Elven Archers x 280 30-Min Universal Speedup x 7 600
15,000 50k food x 8

50k wood x 8

Lvl. 3 Elven Archers x 320 30-Min Universal Speedup x 8 700
19,000 50k food x 9

50k wood x 9

Lvl. 3 Elven Archers x 360 30-Min Universal Speedup x 9 800
25,000 50k food x 11

50k wood x 11

Lvl. 3 Elven Archers x 460 30-Min Universal Speedup x 11 900
32,000 50k food x 14

50k wood x 14

Lvl. 3 Elven Archers x 640 30-Min Universal Speedup x 14 1,000



Similarly, The Hero in Treasure task also requires the purchase of golden keys, which can be used to open chests for a chance to win great prizes. The keys, however, can only be purchased in the store. The pack that includes 10 keys, as well as other items, is worth $4.99.




The gold consumption task simply consists of spending the gold you’ve purchased. The tiers go from spending the low amount of 200 gold, up to a whopping 7,200 gold. In the same vein, the prizes are much higher when you spend more gold. In this sense, if you’re into purchasing in-game currency and spending it on services, then there’s no better time to do it than now. The rewards for participating in this task include units, resources, reputation, and universal speedups.

The free tasks in the New Server Carnival event include Research, Enhance Power, and Upgrade City Hall tasks. As their name implies, they give prizes to participants based on their performance in researching technologies, increasing their power, and upgrading their city hall respectively:

  • Research: Rewards players for researching new technologies. Gives 1 points per each power of science researched. In other words, each low-level tech gives 1 point. The rewards begin at 50 points for the first tier, and up to 1,800 for the highest milestone. Prizes from this task include resources, research speedups, gold, and Lvl. 3 Priestesses.



  • Enhance Power: Your military and technological prowess in this game is represented by your power attribute. By training troops, erecting buildings, and researching technologies, this attribute will go up. These tasks reward players for reaching certain power milestones, starting with acquiring 14,000 power for the first tier, and up to 504,000 for the final milestone. Like the research task, this one awards resources, gold, and Priestess units. The only difference is that, instead of research speedups, this one gives recruit speedups.




  • Upgrade City Hall: Most players measure the progress attained in this game by the level of their City Hall, as this building is very important in order to upgrade other structures. This task involves upgrading the City Hall to certain levels and rewards the players for reaching each milestone. The first tier of rewards begins at City Hall lvl. 5, and up to City Hall lvl. 12 for the highest tier. Each tier rewards players with resources, construct speedups, gold, and Lvl. 3 Knight units to bolster their forces.



The New Server Carnival offers new players plenty of opportunities to earn amazing rewards. In this sense, if you’re new to the game, a good idea might be to join a new server so that you can participate in the event, and reap some awesome rewards to help you get started. However, remember that this event is only active during the first 7 days of the server’s launch, so you have to be quick if you want to participate in it.

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