Step into the electrifying world of WWE SuperCard, where the thrill of wrestling meets the strategy of card collecting. From the iconic ring warriors to intense real-time PvP battles, this game offers a unique fusion of action and tactics, attracting the attention of many wrestling fans, as well as high profile gamers, such as the affluent Youtuber and former Twitch streamer, DarksydePhil, into its ranks.

Master WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards With the Best Beginner’s Guide & Pro Tips

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the basics, unveil the game modes, and share pro tips that will help you rise through the ranks and claim victory in the ring. Get ready to assemble your ultimate tag team and dominate the competition with our expert advice.

Let’s dive in!

Know the Different Game Modes

WWE SuperCard – Battle Cards introduces you to a diverse array of game modes that will put your strategy and skills to the test. Whether you’re a wrestling aficionado or a newcomer to the world of card collecting, these modes offer endless excitement and challenges. Let’s explore the various game modes that await you on your journey to becoming a WWE SuperCard champion.

Master WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards With the Best Beginner’s Guide & Pro Tips

  1. Wild Mode: This mode allows you to use both active and legacy cards in your deck. Challenge opponents in solo and tag team matches, strategizing to outscore and outplay them.
  2. King of the Ring: Compete in a 32-player tournament, facing off against opponents in a series of matchups. Advance through the rounds to reach the championship and earn coveted rewards.
  3. Survivor: Enter a 10-player elimination tournament where all players start with the same deck. Battle opponents in best-of-3 matches, aiming to be the last one standing.
  4. Money in the Bank: Carefully select matchups to climb the ladder and defeat opponents. Reach the top to double the SuperCoins earned along the way, redeemable for valuable rewards.
  5. 24/7 Champion: Prove your prowess as a 24/7 Champion by winning matchups and defending your title. Be ready to accept challenges at any time to keep your championship.
  6. Tag Team Takedown: Join up with a friend or random companion to engage in team-based matches against others. Complement each other’s strengths for victory.
  7. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs: Engage in a special 1v1 game mode where you must reveal your opponent’s game pieces before they reveal yours. Use strategy to outwit your adversary.
  8. In Your House: Take on daily challenges and opponents to unlock rewards. Use collectibles and choose your superstars wisely to succeed.
  9. Team Battleground: Join forces with your team in this team vs. team battle. Contribute points and attack opponents strategically in the prep and attack phases.
  10. Team Stomping Grounds: Work together with your team to earn three stars before your opponent. Choose between earning points or attacking opponents to secure victory.

In this vast arena of game modes, you’ll need both skill and strategy to emerge victorious. As you explore each mode, remember that adapting your tactics and forming powerful tag teams are essential for climbing the ranks.

It’s important to note that while some of the game modes mentioned above are permanent features within WWE SuperCard – Battle Cards, others are time-limited and subject to rotation. The dynamic nature of the game means that certain modes might be introduced, modified, or temporarily removed as part of the evolving gameplay experience. Always stay updated with the latest announcements to make the most of the available game modes.

Complete Daily Challenges and Quests

Engaging with WWE SuperCard’s daily challenges and quests offers a path to accumulating valuable rewards over time. While individual rewards may seem modest, the consistent completion of these tasks can lead to significant benefits. These rewards, ranging from Superstar Packs to SuperCoins, might not immediately provide everything you need, but their collective impact must not be overlooked.

Master WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards With the Best Beginner’s Guide & Pro Tips

By diligently tackling these challenges on a daily basis, you’ll build up a reserve of in-game currency and resources that can be strategically leveraged during special events or promotions. This proactive approach ensures you’re well-prepared to seize the opportunities that arise, ultimately enhancing your gameplay experience.

Login on a Daily Basis

Just as with completing daily challenges and quests, consistent login activity in WWE SuperCard can substantially bolster your in-game progress. Regularly launching the app and claiming login rewards might seem trivial initially, especially when the initial rewards appear modest. However, this practice carries substantial long-term benefits.

Master WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards With the Best Beginner’s Guide & Pro Tips

While the rewards granted in the early days might not seem game-changing, they progressively become more substantial as your login streak continues. Even if your schedule doesn’t permit extended gameplay sessions, committing to logging in daily ensures you don’t miss out on these accumulating rewards. This simple action maximizes your access to freebies and gradually builds a more prosperous gameplay experience over time.

Save Up Your Special Currency 

WWE SuperCard offers various forms of in-game currency, and while the allure of immediate spending might be strong, it’s often wiser to exercise restraint. Rather than hastily investing your hard-earned credits into minor rewards, focus on accumulating these currencies strategically. The key lies in reserving your reserves for opportune moments, such as the advent of a new season or the introduction of fresh elements.

Master WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards With the Best Beginner’s Guide & Pro Tips

Master WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards With the Best Beginner’s Guide & Pro Tips

By saving up your currency, you position yourself to gain an advantageous head start whenever novel features are introduced to the game. This principle similarly applies to new events that may surface. By resisting impulsive spending and adopting a measured approach, you’ll amass a reservoir of resources to enhance your gameplay experience during pivotal junctures. However, if you do want to claim some awesome prizes from the store on the regular, don’t miss out on the Free Packs that refresh on a daily basis, giving you a constant influx of goodies.

Keep an Eye Out For Special Events

While saving up your in-game currency is a strategic move, it’s equally crucial to remain vigilant for special events and releases within WWE SuperCard. The purpose of amassing currency is not solely to hoard it indefinitely, but to ensure you’re well-prepared for exceptional opportunities. When a unique iteration of a favored fighter becomes available, your accumulated currency serves as a valuable resource, affording you a promising shot at obtaining these coveted characters.

Master WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards With the Best Beginner’s Guide & Pro Tips

This premeditated approach eliminates the need for last-minute scrambling or, in more dire cases, resorting to purchasing currency to secure these special releases. Notably, indulging in such in-game purchases, known as “whaling,” can lead to considerable expenses. By patiently waiting for opportune moments and judiciously utilizing your currency reserves, you optimize your chances of securing optimal returns on your investments.

Above All Else Have Fun and be Patient

Remember, at its core, WWE SuperCard is a game meant to entertain and engage you. Approach it with the mindset of a player, rather than a spender. After all, the latter is a great way for you to go bankrupt in the long run. And this goes for most gacha games, not just WWE SuperCard.

While the allure of purchasing packs and swiftly unlocking fighters can be tempting, the true essence of enjoyment lies in the journey itself. Embrace the joy of completing daily challenges and exercises, savoring the gradual progression. Embrace patience as a virtue and a strategy. Instead of succumbing to the impulse of extravagant spending, adopt a measured approach by awaiting events and releases that align with your desired characters.

Master WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards With the Best Beginner’s Guide & Pro Tips

A good idea here would be to establish personal goals to guide your endeavors. Set your sights on acquiring and enhancing specific fighters that resonate with your preferences, allowing you to curate decks that embody your unique style. Whether it’s the iconic Hollywood Hogan or another cherished figure, a blend of saving and patience ensures your success without delving into excessive spending. Enjoy the thrill of the game, pursue your goals with diligence, and relish the satisfaction of building an exceptional deck on your terms.