ZOZ: Final Hour is a next-generational third-person shooter RPG that sees you survive a full-blown zombie apocalypse. Fight hordes of zombies in this tactical shooter, and revel in the excitement as you gun down an immeasurable number of zombies. Be fast, find a safe haven, and survive the night. Collect and use Blood Crystals, a magical stone that is the last hope for the survival of humanity on Earth. ZOZ: Final Hour is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

In this beginner’s guide for ZOZ: Final Hour, we will be going through the various game systems that are essential for a new player to understand. These systems make up the entirety of the game, and having clarity regarding them can help you a lot on your journey as a survivor. ZOZ: Final Hour also gives a vague feeling of being a battle royale, due to the ability to shoot enemies and engage in PvP-based environmental gameplay as well. 

Understanding the Base Gameplay 

To be clear, ZOZ: Final Hour is a third-person shooter RPG that sees you role-play as an active mercenary that has now been given the quest to collect as many Blood Crystals as possible. Once we have the game background cleared, let’s go on to the details. The premise of the game revolved around 2 types of species – Human Mercenaries, and Undead Zombies. Both are easily differentiable in style and gameplay aspects. Humans can run, while zombies cannot. Further, zombies usually tend to group more often but Humans usually don’t. Players need to search and collect as many Blood Crystals as they can from different locations on the map.

ZOZ: Final Hour – Beginners Guide to Learn the Basics

All players can land on any part of the map. Players can carry 2 weapons in their hand at any given point of time. Once you land, your aim should be to arm yourself with weapons as well as some high-tier armor to mitigate damage and protect yourself. Once you are ready with both offensive and defensive capabilities, the hunt for the Blood Crystals begins! 

Different Locations of ZOZ: Final Hour

There are 12 different locations ZOZ: Final Hour, each with its own set of quirks. The locations are as follows – 

  • Mall
  • Apartment
  • Bank
  • Church
  • School
  • Amusement Park
  • Pedestrian Street
  • Film Studio
  • Hospital
  • Art Square
  • Park
  • Construction Site

ZOZ: Final Hour – Beginners Guide to Learn the Basics

Each one of these locations can contain vast amounts of Blood Crystals. However, each location is also brimming full of zombies, with some locations being scarcer than others. The amount of zombies spawning in a location depends on its size as well as some amount of RNG. Some locations, where there are a lot of humans at the same time, have a tendency to attract more zombies. 

Understanding Complex Game Mechanics

ZOZ: Final Hour is not an easy-to-master game, but it’s definitely too easy to get into. That is done for a purpose, to attract a major chunk of players from different existing popular battle royales. If you’re a veteran of the genre, you will find multiple similarities with battle royale games in ZOZ: Final Hour. However, some stark differences can also be seen with the addition of “Safehouses”. These are essentially buildings where you can respawn at will or by automatically waiting 20 seconds. This is a non-threat area where you cannot die. All players respawn in Safehouses only. The goal to win any game by an individual player is to collect 5 Blood Crystals and call an evacuation to evacuate you from this city. 

ZOZ: Final Hour – Beginners Guide to Learn the Basics

The evacuation can only take place once you have collected 5 Blood Crystals. In the city, you can hunt down both zombies as well as human mercenaries. Killing human mercenaries is way more difficult due to tactical shooting involved but well worth the effort as you can fetch some juicy bonuses for the current game. Some of the bonuses include the likes of higher ammo capacity, higher firing rate, more advanced weapons, and better quality armor. 

Understanding the ability to Mutate

Staying true to the theme of the game, the developers of ZOZ: Final Hour went so far ahead into the concept as to introduce an entirely new mechanic known as “Mutation”. As the name might suggest, it means when a human is defeated and mutated into a Zombie Mercenary. This happens by manually choosing to respawn as a Zombie Mercenary upon your death as a human mercenary. Zombie Mercenaries have their own set of pros and cons such as being able to have multiple new abilities but losing the ability to run. 

ZOZ: Final Hour – Beginners Guide to Learn the Basics

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