Yostar has confirmed that pre-registrations for their upcoming action RPG title ‘Aether Gazer’ have begun on Android and iOS devices. Players who choose to opt in for the pre-registration will receive various exciting rewards upon the game’s launch, with the amount of rewards increasing as more people choose to pre-register for the game.

For the uninitiated, Aether Gazer is set to be an anime-style action Role Playing Game by Yostar Games, the developers behind hit mobile games like ‘Arknights’ and ‘Azur Lane’. The initial release of the game is scheduled for May 23, 2023, but the pre-registrations for the title have already begun for Android and iOS.

Pre-Registration for New Action RPG Aether Gazer Begins on Android & iOS

Initially, the game will be released in the following regions – North America, Europe, Japan, and Southeast Asia. The number of pre-registrations that the title manages to hit will determine the rewards that players will receive when the game is released. Players will be able to obtain free pulls and a limited-time outfit, among other rewards, by simply pre-registering for Aether Gazer.

Here are all the pre-registration milestones for Aether Gazer and their corresponding rewards:

  • 10,000 Registrations: Ain Soph Coin×10,000
  • 50,000 Registrations: Divine Factor×300, Ain Soph Coin×10,000
  • 100,000 Registrations: Battle Record T3×3, Modifier Scan Voucher×10 
  • 200,000 Registrations: Sephirah Crystal T3×3, Modifier Scan Voucher×10
  • 300,000 Registrations: Revelation T3×5, Modifier Scan Voucher×10, Limited Portrait Frame×1
  • 400,000 Registrations: Limited Outfit of Tidal Song Poseidon×1, In-game Sticker×1

Pre-Registration for New Action RPG Aether Gazer Begins on Android & iOS

Fans can check out the combat trailer for Aether Gazer here:

Players looking to play Aether Gazer on their PC can check out our guide on downloading and installing the game here. For more details regarding the game’s launch, feel free to visit the official website of Aether Gazer to keep yourself updated. Now Play Aether Gazer on Bluestacks in 120 FPS xperfmode.