Fans of the hugely popular multiplayer game Among Us have reason to get excited again since the game’s social media team has teased a “Big Update” from their official Twitter account. The tweet from the game’s Twitter account shows us a sneak peek into what InnerSloth has in store for players with the update. The picture shows a crewmate looking surprised at what looks like a meteor, or some sort of space rock. There is plenty of speculation as to what this means and what this update might bring to the game, with many speculating that it could mean the inclusion of a new map.

There’s a “Big Update” Coming to Among Us

Although it might seem far-fetched to some to expect a new map over such a simple and vague image, it is still in the realm of possibility since InnerSloth has plans to include many more features into the game, all of which were detailed in the new Among Us on PC roadmap. These features include:

  1. A brand new map- Map 5
  2. New roles and ways to play
  3. Consoles (Playstation and Xbox)
  4. Account linking between different platforms
  5. Hide & Seek mode
  6. Achievements
  7. Visor Cosmetics

Although any one of these could be included in the next big update, since InnerSloth mentioned that they will be included in the game in no particular order, a new map seems to be the most likely answer to the question of what the image tweeted by InnerSloth really means. That is not to say, however, that it couldn’t be any of the other features mentioned on the list, since the game’s Airship map has only been out for a little while, and many suspect a new map is not going to be released any time soon.