Animal Farm Game – George Orwell’s Novella Comes to Life on Mobile Devices

George Orwell was a visionary novelist that was taken from us way too early. In his short 46 years of life, he penned many different literary works including critiques, novellas, and essays on various subject matters. However, while some of his most notable work were his books of reportage, particularly about the socioeconomic conditions of different social classes in various parts of Europe across several time periods, other important pieces would be his allegories, some of which are still talked about even today.

Animal Farm was one of such pieces, which serves as an allegory of how groups, in the pursuit of better lifestyles, end up creating cults of personalities that often cause them to regress into worse conditions than the ones they were in initially. It’s quite a complex topic, and certainly one too dark for this blog! But the interesting part here is that Animal Farm is receiving a game adaptation, which is scheduled for release very soon.

What is it?

Animal Farm is going to be a mobile game directly based on the eponymous George Orwell novella. This upcoming adventure title will present you with a group of animals, just like in the book, and allow you to make key decisions that will affect how the story unfolds. Specifically, you will choose what animals to focus on and which to sideline, which will ultimately cause certain species to rise in popularity in the Animal Farm, and others to get left behind. And while we’re not exactly sure if the story is going to follow the same beats as the novella, we can definitely see what the devs are going for with this approach.

Aside from these pivotal decisions, there will be other regular day-to-day tasks in Animal Farm, including gathering resources, keeping your population happy, and defending them from external threats. To this end, you must carefully balance your resources and make sure that you always have enough to both quell the demand, as well as engage in other projects that could also cost resources.

Animal Farm Game – George Orwell’s Novella Comes to Life on Mobile Devices

These gameplay elements are all bundled together into a nice package through the narration of Abubakar Salim, the same voice behind Bayek of Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Moreover, Animal Farm features a handmade artstyle drawn in the likeness of a 1930s cartoon, with static images and elements being added to the background as you progress through the events—kind of like flipping pages of a book.

When it is Releasing?

The jury’s still out on an exact release date. However, sources claim that Animal Farm will be dropping in Autumn 2020, which means it should be coming out very soon. And while we’re sure this isn’t going to be a game with widespread appeal, we’re excited to see how the developers adapt Orwell’s famous novella to the mobile game format.

Are you an Orwell fan? What do you think about Animal Farm receiving a game adaptation? Let us know your thoughts in the section below!

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