Arknights, Yostar Games’ tower defense and strategy game, has brought back the Darknights Memoir, with its Darknights Memoir Rerun, which takes players back in time before the main narrative of the game begins. The fifth major side story event in Arknights canon, Darknights Memoir, or DM for short, is also the first event to be categorized as “Intermezzo”, which means it is a connecting storyline of sorts between two other major storylines.

Darknights Memoir focuses on Operator W and her time in the Kazdel Civil War. Fighting with mercenaries during the time of antagonism between Kazdel’s King and its Regent, Operator W’s involvement in the civil war of Kazdel is the connecting line between her and other major characters in Arknights main story, including Kal’tsit, Amiya, and the Doctor.

The Darknights Memoir Rerun event will run until September 21st and will also bring back the Originium Flow Generator. When placing operators onto the battlefield, in order to decrease the movement speed of Sarakz enemies, users should take into account the airflow effect, taking advantage of the airflow to reduce enemy speed. The five-star operator Sideroca is also available as a reward for the event. A self-sufficient character, Sideroca’s skills are based on self-healing and health regeneration, which lets her operate outside of the realm of medics, allowing them to have reduced healing output and being able to take care of other characters better since Sideroca is capable of taking care of herself. Her penchant for wreaking havoc with Arts damage also makes her a good option against enemies with high physical defense, which leads her to be quite similar to other premier Operators such as Surtr. Along with Sideroca, “Anonymous Tags” can also be gained by clearing event stages, which can then be exchanged for a variety of rewards and prizes, including furniture pieces, Sideroca’s Token, Headhunting Permit, and others.

The “Illusions of the Past” Headhunting Rerun will also allow users to attain special operators that have a rate-up chance. With the ability to summon a clone with his Phantom in the Mirror ability is the 6-star specialist known as Phantom, while Shamare is a 5-star Supporter who debuffs their enemies. 

Arknights is currently available for download on both Android and iOS.