Rewinding Breeze, Arknights’ Next Event

The next Arknights event named Rewinding Breeze is all set to reach the global servers of Arknights. Though the event is small, it holds quite a significance. Through this event, the game will witness some massive changes.

On 22 March, there was a tweet from the official handle of Arknights. It revealed to the online gaming community about Rewinding Breeze, the New Story Series Event to go live at 10:00 (UTC-7) on 25 March.

The official account also mentioned that some of the content offered in this event will be available only for a limited time. The tweet also featured two images consisting of the details of the upcoming event.

About the game Arknights

It is a mobile-based game that belongs to the tower defense genre. The developers are Hypergraph and Studio Montagne. The game includes gacha game mechanics and is available on both iOS and Android. Following its initial release on 1 May 2019 in China, the game witnessed worldwide release on 16 January 2020.

Set in a dystopian world on the post-apocalyptic planet Terra, the game is noted for its excellent art design along with limited grind, no competition, and purchase pressure. Julia Lee of Polygon has also appreciated the game.

Google Play had nominated the game under the category of “Users’ Choice Game” in the ‘Best Game of 2020 Awards’. The game went on to become one of the best innovative games and also won an award for the same in 2020.

Rewinding Breeze, Upcoming Event of Arknights Announced

What will this event bring along?

The story stages of Rewinding Breeze will be open from 25 March, starting at 10:00 UTC-7 and continue till 03:59 UTC -7 on 4 April. To unlock this event, players need to clear all the stages of 1 to 10 of the principal storyline. This event will offer players 5-star Caster and Mint at absolutely no cost.

The event stages will mainly drop materials, discarded clock dial, etc. Players will get discarded clock dials by finishing all the stages with the exception of Annihilation and Extreme Mode. Once done, they will be able to unlock Information Fragments in the flea market and redeem event rewards.

While the event is on, players will be unable to review the event stories in Intelligence. Once the event finishes, the recordings of the event stories will be available in Intelligence. The Flea Market’s main rewards are Mint, Mint’s Token, furniture parts, battle record, LMD, elite materials, etc.

The event will also feature Unfettered Magma, a brand-new headhunting banner. It is ready to arrive on 25 March at 10:00 UTC -7 and go on till 8 April at 03:59 UTC -7. The banner will showcase new operators like Guard Arene (4 star), Sniper April (5 star), and Guard Surtr (6 star). Vanguard Elysium (5 star) will also face rate up.

The new operators will be available permanently in the future updates of Headhunting. Presently, players can obtain Operation Mint only through the Rewinding Breeze event. It is not available in any Recruit or Standard Headhunting.

A fresh outfits series under Vitafield will drop on 25 March at 10:00 UTC -7 and remain available only till 03:59 UTC -7 on 8 April. Operators who will be receiving outfits are Suzuran, Leonhardt, and April. The outfits are “Lostlands Flowering”, “Finder in the Rough” (18 OP), and “Faraway Gaze” (15 OP) respectively. 

Lastly, a polished and brand-new furniture set will also be available at the event. Yen Reception Hall-themed furniture set is to arrive on 25 March from 10:00 UTC -7. It will continue till 03:59 UTC -7 of 8 April.