Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 Details – Dome Map, Capture the Gold Mode, And More

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Call of Duty: Mobile received a significant update on May 20, 2021 (UTC), and this new update has served as a build-up towards the release of Season 4. The latest update brought new feature additions like new featured modes, events, weapons, tactical equipment, and multiplayer map for the upcoming season, arriving expectedly on May 27, 2021 (UTC). 

In addition to this, Call of Duty: Mobile will also receive various optimizations in terms of balance changes regarding weapon classes, operator skills, battle royale classes, and a bunch of other bug fixes through this patch. Here are the complete details of the new additions and optimizations made to Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 received via the recent major update.

New Maps: Dome

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 Details – Dome Map, Capture the Gold Mode, And More

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 has received just one new multiplayer map, contrary to Season 3 that saw two additions. The new map is called ‘Dome,’ which was first introduced for the previous Call of Duty game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The map’s in-game location is a military area located in the middle of a desert, which comprises an abandoned military base, a deserted office, and an underground control console. This map will be featured in Multiplayer Modes, including Search & Destroy, Team Deathmatch, and Domination, apart from other undisclosed modes.

New Featured Game Modes

Capture the Gold

Developers bring new featured game modes with new patch updates every time in Call of Duty: Mobile, and this time, ‘Capture the Gold’ has been added as the new Featured mode for MP matches. 

However, this mode is not new to the game, and this update has just marked its return to Call of Duty: Mobile. Capture the Gold will be a time-limited mode that will feature a contest between players to procure gold from the opponents’ base and transport it to the allied base. The mode will be available to play on Crash, Standoff, Raid, and more.

New Equipment and Items

  • Heartbeat Sensor: It is an equipment looking like a tablet that helps players track the nearby enemy positions through obstacles. Heartbeat Sensor will be available in the game the Seasonal Challenge – Under Pressure.
  • Functional Weapons: MK2 and Holger are the new functional weapons that will be a part of the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4. MK2 is a fast-firing marksman rifle, while on the other hand, Holger is a highly customizable LMG highly effective in all the ranges.
  • New Scorestreak: Hawk X3 is the new scorestreak coming to the upcoming Season 4 update. It is a remote-controlled drone equipped with machines having unlimited ammo. Although Hawk X3 doesn’t have a lot of armor, it can deal severe damage to the enemies if they don’t focus on it.

Battle Royale Mode

Updated Weapon list

The weapon list has been updated regarding the spawns of weapon blueprints of a different rarity in BR mode in the upcoming Season 4:

  1. Common: AK117, M4LMG, GKS, and Echo
  2. Uncommon: AK 47, Man-O-War, Locus, MK2, Holger 26, PP19 Bizon, and KRM-262
  3. Rare: AK117, BK57, ASM10, HVK-30, LK24, AS VAL, Locus, SP-208, M4LMG, Razorback, QQ9, PP19 Bizon and KRM-262
  4. Epic: Type 25, ASM10, KN-44, DR-H, Man-O-War, LK24, HVK-30, DL Q33, MK2, Holger 26, Razorback, GKS and QQ9
  5. Legendary: M4, BK57, KN-44, ASM10, MK2, Holger 26, PP19 Bizon and GKS

New Feature

Clan War 

Clan War is one of the most exciting features added to the game, and it will officially be available with the start of the Ranked Series 2. Clan Wars will be a weekly affair, and in order to participate in it, players will have to join a clan first, and these will commence on Tuesdays and conclude on Sundays every week. 

In Clan Wars, each clan will be matched against five other clans to compete over war nodes and earn points. Each war node will feature different tasks with different point allocation. According to the weekly performance of the clan, players will earn Clan Trophies every week along with clan currency which they can spend in the clan store.

Optimizations and Improvements in Multiplayer Mode

Many players gave their feedback for months regarding various weapons and other in-game features. So, developers have decided to bring in tons of new optimizations and balance changes regarding multiple aspects of the game. 

Weapon Balance Changes

Here is the information about general balance changes regarding each weapon class type:

SMG: Main focus of the balance changes in this class is enhancing the close-range capabilities of the guns. The damage and mobility are optimized for close-range while the bullet trajectory is altered for the other distances.

Assault: To ensure a better combat experience in the medium range between 15-30 meters, the accuracy, range, bullet trajectory, and weapon control have also been optimized.

LMG: The focus of balance changes made to LMG is to ensure their suppression at 30 meters away while also optimizing its accuracy at different ranges. 

Snipers: The close combat advantages of the snipers have been nerfed to some extent while changing the attributes of different Gunsmith attachments. Besides that, the variety in Gunsmith attachment combinations is enhanced. 

Pistol: The .50 GS has received a nerf, and the movement speed and hip-fire accuracy for the gun are decreased when used with the Akimbo Perk. The fire rate has also increased while occupying Akimbo Perk.

Balance changes in Operator skills, Scorestreaks, and Perks

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 Details – Dome Map, Capture the Gold Mode, And More

War Machine:

  • Charging speed has been decreased
  • A slight increase in the damage that the player receives.
  • The rate of fire has been decreased
  • A slight decrease in the lethal range

Gravity Spikes:

  • Charging speed has been decreased
  • A slight reduction in the damage range 
  • An increase in damage 
  • The energy recovery after finishing off an enemy has been decreased


  • An increase in the charging speed
  • A better and closer view while using ADS


  • The number of bullets is increased

Death Machine:

  • Sprint-to-Fire Delay has been increased
  • A decrease in the number of bullets 
  • The damage of wall-penetrating while using wall bangs has been increased


  • The duration has been increased
  • A decrease in the accumulation time


  • The health points of the trap have been increased
  • The damage frequency has been increased 
  • A decrease in the single damage


  • A minimal increase in damage at close range and medium range.

Bull charge:

  • A decrease in the charging speed

MQ-27 Dragonfire:

  • A decrease in score required for MQ-27 Dragonfire to 650

Advanced UAV:

  • A reduction in the required score for Advanced UAV to 1200

Uav & Counter Uav:

  • A slight  increase in the blood volume


  • An increase in burn damage 
  • A delay in lock time of FHJ-18 
  • The time has been shortened from what it takes to explode after the flash bomb is thrown.

Cold-Blooded Perk:

  • The effect of not being marked by the enemy’s VTOL has been removed
  • The perk will not trigger the enemy’s high alert screen prompt

Ghost Perk:

  • An effect of not being marked by the enemy’s VTOL is added
  • The perk will not trigger the enemy’s high alert screen prompt

Other Optimizations

  • The character’s speed alongside the walls and other obstacles has been optimized to make the character move more smoothly. 
  • The trigger of the climb is now more precise and sensitive.
  • The climbing and jumping experience is now much better, and players can move more freely.
  • An optimization in some gunsmith system attachments model.
  • Visual effects during the Nuclear Bomb attack have been optimized.
  • Players can now equip the default optic attachments for all sniper rifles with sights.

Optimizations in Battle Royale Mode

Developers have also introduced some optimizations in the Call of Duty: Mobile’s BR Mode regarding Battle Royale Classes, Operator skills, and other features:

Balance changes in Operator skills and BR Classes


  • A decrease in the long-range damage
  • A change in Damage over 15-25m: from 137 to 100
  • A change in Damage over 20-50m: from 137 to 85
  • A change in Damage for over 50m: from 137 to 80

War Machine:

  • Overall Damage is significantly decreased
  • A change in the center damage: from 130 to 60
  • A change in the edge damage: from 70 to 30
  • The player’s self-damage procuration is decreased. 


  • A slight decrease in the direct hit damage
  • A change in the direct hit damage: from 35 to 30
  • The burn damage is the same.


  • A change in the charge speed: from 60/60s seconds to 50/40 seconds
  • A change in the damage reduction effect per layer: from 3%/5% to 4%/6%


  • A change in charge speed: from 60/45 seconds to 45/36 seconds
  • An increase in fire rate of Firearms: by 15%/25%
  • A change in Bullet shooting speed: from 500 to 640
  • The effect on the performance of firearms is lessened by distance attenuation


  • The BR Class can now detect traps of Trap Master


  • An increase in speed by 20% while using the hacking device.
  • A change in the charge speed: from 60/50 seconds to 50/40 seconds
  • The hacking range is changed: from 100/150 to 120/150
  • A change in the hacking speed from 1.5s/1 seconds to 1s/0.75 seconds
  • A change in the ratio of the skills returned while using skills without a target from 30%/30% to 50%/75%

Trap Master:

  • The change of continuous deceleration to rapid decay deceleration
  • An adjustment in deceleration ratio: from a constant “45%/65% to 60%/70%” attenuation to 0 and the consequent duration from “10 seconds to 2.5/3.5 seconds.”


  • A change in charge speed: from 45/40 seconds to 50/45 seconds


  • A change in charge speed: from 45/45 seconds to 60/50 seconds
  • A change in the farthest distance: from 40m to 35m


  • The previous  ‘zombie’ model has been changed to a ‘dog’ model, which means the Clown class will summon the “Dogs” instead of “Zombies.”
  • The number of summoned dogs has been reduced by one.
  • The dogs’ consequent movement speed, health points, and damage have been increased.

Other Optimizations

Kill information broadcast

  • The team number and name of the teammate will be displayed whenever a teammate will complete a knockdown/kill/assist.
  • Addition of prompts whenever players or teammates provide assist.
  • When an ally or teammate will get knocked down or killed, the opponent’s name and teammate’s number will be displayed.
  • The enemy’s name will be displayed on-screen whenever they knock you down or kill you.

Operator-related optimizations

  • The camera position has been optimized for players climbing over the window. This optimization will resolve the issue of disappearing characters that occurred while climbing the window.
  • There is a reduction in the spawn of snowboards in non-snow areas and will now mainly spawn in the snowy regions.
  • The steering and the acceleration of the vehicle have been optimized for a smoother driving experience.
  • An optimization in the range of climbing over action makes it easier to trigger climbing over.

Other additions

  • Arsenal will now give notifications for new mythic and new legendary weapon additions.
  • The ‘Just for You’ section in the store will now feature crates as well as draws.
  • An optimization in the performance of switching guns while running has been done to make the experience smoother.
  • With the addition of a new in-game setting of ‘quick switching gun,’ players will be able to choose and keep the current quick switching gun or replace it with the previous version.

Game mode optimizations

Prop Hunt

  • The betting function is optimized.
  • The main weapon option for the game will be available for the hunters.
  • Resetting the use times of the clone skill and flash bomb after using the transformation skill of a prop. 
  • The text chat function will be disabled after the death of the prop.
  • After the props are locked, a function to move the camera view angle freely is added.
  • The hunters will be able to distinguish the whistle made by the props in a better way.

Multiplayer Ranked Mode 

  • New season content has been added
  • The data records for weapons with a higher usage rate in the single BR ranked match have been added
  • A new function, ‘map voting,’ has been added in the ranked match for PRO or above ranks.
  • The prompts have been optimized during settlement when a player joins during a ranked match in-progress
  • The reward details prompt in the Multiplayer Ranked match’s main lobby have been optimized.
  • Players will receive compensation from now on after a fellow teammate leaves the match.
  • The User interface of the main Multiplayer lobby has also optimized 
  • The killcam music of a ranked match has been optimized.
  • The network issues that would cause a match to wait indefinitely have been fixed

Battle Royale

Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty: Mobile has received the following optimizations and additions in it:

  • New season content has been added
  • The data records for weapons with a higher usage rate in the single BR ranked match have been added
  • The reward details prompt in the BR Ranked match’s main lobby have been optimized.
  • The User interface of the main BR lobby has also optimized 
  • The team matching experience has been optimized.
  • The network issues that would cause a match to wait indefinitely have been fixed
  • The situation where the AFK (Away from Keyboard) behaviors could get ranking points is not there in the game.

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