Commander and Conquer: Legions, the officially licensed EA game is being developed and published by reputed China-based gaming giant Level Infinite, a subsidiary company of Tencent Games. Scheduled to release sometime in the 4th quarter of 2023, the strategy RTS game will take you into the diverse and expansive universe of CoC (Command and Conquer). Commander and Conquer: Legions will be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

One of the major similarities that fans of the franchise can relate with are going to is the vast array of playable units that will be available at the global launch. Apart from the original cast of characters, a host of brand-new ones are also planned to be added. Players can enjoy and relish multiple PvE and PvP game modes that see you face off in tactical battles for the hunt of the element Tiberium, said to be the source of life itself! Fight against real players in strategic battles where you need to take control of various checkpoints in PvP content or choose to collaborate with friends in PvE game modes.

Commander and Conquer: Legions has already hosted a closed beta test in July 2023, that encompassed only players possessing an Android device from Canada, France, Thailand, Mexico, Germany, and the Philippines. It seems that the game is currently undergoing a final round of testing, as the official Twitter handle tweeted about an Android-only limited test for players from France, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, and the Philippines. 

Core Features of Commander and Conquer: Legions

  • FIGHT IN REAL-TIME WITH BOUNDLESS WAR STRATEGIES – Dive into a world of endless strategic possibilities. Collaborate with like-minded players from around the globe to form powerful alliances.

Command and Conquer: Legions to Launch on Android and iOS in Latter Half of 2023

  • RESEARCH AND DEVELOP BASE TO EXPAND YOUR TERRITORY – Research and unlock advanced technologies to gain a competitive edge. Construct and customize your base with a vast array of structures, each serving a vital purpose.
  • RECRUIT CLASSIC UNITS – Mold your forces into an unstoppable war machine. Train and upgrade iconic units like the imposing Commando, capable of decimating enemy defenses, or the versatile Thunderhead, with its cloaking technology. Unleash the immense power of the Mastodon, a mechanical behemoth that crushes all in its path.

New Gameplay Elements and Rewritten Plots

Commander and Conquer: Legions is scheduled to be the premiere mobile game that will bring the universe of Command and Conquer to mobile devices. It will be fully equipped with a host of famous protagonists and antagonists seen throughout the franchise. Fans of the franchise can also interact and engage with a brand-new plot, specially created for the mobile game. Reign supreme among your peers and dominate the leaderboards by creating innovative strategies or forging tactical alliances to climb the rankings.  

Command and Conquer: Legions to Launch on Android and iOS in Latter Half of 2023