The Japanese publishing company Kadokawa recently announced their plans to release a brand new mobile game adaptation of the popular anime and light novel series “Date A Live”.  This new mobile title, “Date A Live Spirit Crisis”, will be launching in Japan as part of the 10th-anniversary celebration of the Date A Live anime series.

As of now, not much has been relieved about the game, but the company has set up an official website and a Twitter AC, which you can visit for updates. 

The Date A Live Franchise

Here is the short version for those who don’t know about the Date A Live series. In the world of Date A Live, a dangerous phenomenon called spacequakes pops up every now and then, causing massive damage and loss of life. Shido Itsuka, the protagonist of the story, has the power to seal the beings responsible (Spirits) by making them fall in love with him and then kissing them.  

Date A Live started as a light novel series written by Kōshi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako released in March 2011. Then the Date A Live anime launched in April 2013, and over the years, the franchise has been adapted into 4 games, manga, and a movie.

The upcoming Date A Live Crisis will likely be a romantic visual novel with an action element just like the previous mobile title “Date A Live: Spirit Pledge”.

Date A Live Spirit Crisis: A New Kadokawa Mobile Game Set For A Japanese Release

Date A Live 10th Anniversary Plans So Far

Audience voting plan:  Best of Date 

Best of Date is a special voting project planned to select the best scenes from Date A Live 1st to 3rd seasons of TV animation. The winning 3 scenes will be released as specially edited videos, the last date for submission was February 22, 2022. But you can read a synopsis of all the episodes here on their site.

4-Frame Manga Serialized By Sekihiko Inui

The character 4-frame manga drawn by Sekihiko Inui, the same artist who worked on the comic version” Date A Live ” is now available on the official website in Japanese.

Tv Series Op Video Revival Released

Date A Live Best Album With Complete Theme Song Collection

This album COCX-41664 is set for launch on April 13, 2022, but fans can pre-order it now for ¥ 2,750.

  1. Date A Live by sweet ARMS from “Date A Live” anime opening theme
  2. Trust in you by sweet ARMS from “Date A Live II” anime opening theme
  3. Day to Story by Kaori Sadohara from TV anime “Date A Live II” Ending Theme
  4. Invisible Date by sweet ARMS from the theatrical version “Date A Live Mayuri Judgment” theme song
  5. I swear by sweet ARMS from the TV anime “Date A Live III” opening theme
  6. Last Promise by Erii Yamazaki from “Date A Live III” ending theme
  7. Infermata by Performance / Spotlight Kids from OVA “Date a Barrett” opening theme
  8. Only wish by Luiza from OVA “Date a Barrett” ending theme
  9. Precious by RinamooN from OVA “Date a Barrett” ending theme
  10. Date in Utopia by sweet ARMS from Game Software “Date A Live Rinne Utopia” opening theme
  11. Kitto Zutto by sweet ARMS from Game Software “Date A Live Rinne Utopia” ending theme
  12. Installation by sweet ARMS from game software “Date A Live or Mamoru Install” opening theme
  13. Eternal World by Kaori Sadohara from Game software “Date A Live or Mamoru Install” ending theme
  14. Key of Truth by sweet ARMS from Game Software “Date A Live Rino Linker Nation” opening theme
  15. Not Forget by Misato from Game Software “Date A Live Rino Linker Nation” ending theme
  16. Kangen Yuuwaku Receptor by sweet ARMS from Game Software “Date A Live Lotus Dystopia” opening theme
  17. Never Ending Love story by Iori Nomizu from Game software “Date A Live Lotus Dystopia” ending theme

Ej Anime Theater Shinjuku Collaboration Decision

An event will be held in the EJ Anime Theater Shinjuku from April 1 to April 28, 2022, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the original work and the broadcast of the TV anime “Date A Live IV”. Fans will be able to participate in the revival screening of theatrical release works, collaboration cafe, gallery exhibition, and goods sale.

Illustration Calendar Measures

Newly drawn illustrations will be released every month starting from April.

Date A Live Spirit Crisis Mobile Game 

And finally, we have the new Date A Live mobile game;

Celebration “Date A Live” 10th Anniversary Special Project! The smartphone game “Date A Live Spirit Crisis” from the TV anime “Date A Live” will be distributed in Japan” You can check out the rest of the details on their official Twitter handle here.

That’s it for Kadokawa’s Date A Live mobile game announcement, but do stay tuned for the latest gaming news from us.