RisingWings, an independent studio under Krafton, Inc., confirmed that they will launch Defense Derby, which was announced last year for mobile. It is a real-time strategy defense game, which is scheduled to release globally on August 3, 2023. Defense Derby is going to be available to users across both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store, through which they can access the game. Pre-registrations are now available for the game.

The game is a PvP tower defense title, with a wide range of strategies to use and challenges to participate in. It’s not just battling against other players in PvP oriented game modes, as there are also multiple PvE game modes such as the coveted Guardians’ Journey. Each of them offers juicy rewards and guaranteed enjoyment.

Krafton’s Upcoming Tower-Defense Title ‘Defense Derby’ Going to Release Globally for Android and iOS.

Take part in thrilling 4-player PvP Derby Mode

Defense Derby introduces fresh excitement to the tower defense game genre by engaging players in 4-player PvP battles packed with intense strategies, mind games, and immense synergistic effects. Every match begins with a ‘scouting stage’, where players go through bidding against each other to recruit units and form squads. This is followed by strategic placements of these units in which players set up their armies within their own castles with the goal to utilize unique abilities that will help to defend their bases from incoming attacks by monsters. The undefeated player who stays till last with their castle still active, is crowned as the winner.

Defense Derby introduces a unique new genre of Betting Royale features, distinguishing the game from the rest in the genre. In this unique gameplay, Defense Derby will deploy a bidding mechanism that will be used ahead of a battle that mixes scouting for units and is involved in battle through bidding.

Pre-register now to get the exciting ‘Welcome Package’ after the Global Release 

Defense Derby is currently available for pre-registration until the global release. Interested players can register in advance on Google Play, App Store, and Samsung’s Galaxy Store to get the special Welcome Package which includes beneficial in-game rewards such as 20,000 Gold, a Rare Hero card, Rare Unit Card, and a Special Castle Skin.

Krafton’s Upcoming Tower-Defense Title ‘Defense Derby’ Going to Release Globally for Android and iOS.

Defense Derby will be available in 190 countries worldwide and boasts the support of nine distinct languages including Korean, English, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Portuguese, and Chinese (Simplified/Traditional). In honor of its global release, the game will include a new ‘Quest Mode’ as well as an upgraded Friendly Derby and spectator feature. Defense Derby will be readily available to play on your PC via BlueStacks after the Global release.