Level Infinite has recently kicked off the pre-registrations for their upcoming fantasy MMORPGDragon Nest 2: Evolution’, sending a wave of excitement among fans of the genre who can’t wait to check out the game and explore the vast, immersive world that it’s set to offer.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, a title developed by Shengqu Games and published by Level Infinite, is currently available for pre-registrations across Android and iOS. However, if you’re a PC gamer, then you’re also able to tune into the game via Bluestacks.

While pre-registrations for Android had started on June 8th, it wasn’t until June 29th that the Tencent Games’ subsidiary opened pre-registrations for iOS devices.

Dragon Nest 2 will put players in the continent of Altea, where they will have to battle against a variety of different enemies and save the place from collapsing. The game features four different classes that players are able to choose from, with each class having a set of unique characteristics. Players will face a total of 32 different choices when creating their character, enabling them to make a persona that truly fits their play style.

Fantasy MMORPG Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Kicks Off Pre-Registration

While battling a wide variety of foes in Altea, players will also be presented with challenging boss fights and world bosses that they can take down with friends and guild members. Dragon Nest 2 will also feature a trading system for players to trade items and other resources with their in-game friends.

To further incentivize players to pre-register for Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, the developers have introduced a range of captivating rewards available to those who choose to participate in the pre-registration phase. These rewards progressively escalate as the pre-registration campaign reaches specific milestones established by the developers.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Pre-Registration Rewards

Fantasy MMORPG Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Kicks Off Pre-Registration

Here are all the pre-registration milestones for Dragon Nest 2: Evolution and the rewards that accompany them:

  • 1 Million Pre-Registrations – Glazed Amber x100
  • 2 Million Pre-Registrations – Revive Coin x10
  • 3 Million Pre-Registrations – Pandora’s Heart x3
  • 4 Million Pre-Registrations – Crazy Duck Hat x1
  • 5 Million Pre-Registrations – Angelic Sheep x1

These rewards will automatically be sent via the in-game mail once the game officially launches.

Fans can check out the official cinematic trailer for Dragon Nest 2: Evolution here.