Bethesda Softworks is no stranger to the world of fantasy and epic quests, and this time they’re bringing a fresh mobile experience to their legion of fans. Venturing into the world of simulation, The Elder Scrolls: Castles is the latest title to grace our screens. With an exclusive early access launch on Android in certain areas of the US and Canada, this game introduces a novel take on the Elder Scrolls universe that we all adore.

Rather than navigating vast terrains or battling legendary foes, this time around, Bethesda offers players the reins to their own castle. The Elder Scrolls: Castles offers an experience where every day in our world translates to a year in the game. This time-oriented simulation gives you the role of a dynasty leader, crafting your castle’s history over generations. You’re entrusted with the growth of your kingdom – from naming heirs to training subjects, and ensuring prosperity reigns.

Discover the Realm of Elder Scrolls: Castles, Now in Early Access!

Your castle isn’t just for show. Start by molding it to your preference, adding rooms, ornaments, and significant landmarks. Populate it with subjects, allocate tasks, and watch your castle prosper with resources. Adventure isn’t entirely off the table either. Gear up your in-game champions, outfit them with legendary equipment, and challenge them against the iconic adversaries from the Elder Scrolls universe.

Eager to start? If you’re in the US or Canada, accessing the game is straightforward via Google Play. However, international fans aren’t left out. Through a few steps involving a VPN and a new Google account, global players can also join the fun. Meanwhile, Apple users will need to hang tight; details about an iOS release remain under wraps.

Discover the Realm of Elder Scrolls: Castles, Now in Early Access!

As we wait for more from Bethesda about potential expansion or an iOS version, Android users can relish in the early days of castle rule. A unique blend of simulation and the classic Elder Scrolls vibe, Castles promises a captivating mobile gaming experience.