Epic Seven, the popular free-to-play turn-based RPG by Smilegate announced that it is having a collaboration with the popular anime/IP franchise That Time I Reincarnated As A Slime. The collaboration was introduced to the players on their official YouTube channel by community moderators Mashuu and Nue where they live-streamed all the upcoming content and heroes for the game. These live streams give all players a list of things to look forward to, like the new events coming, new content updates, and the various new heroes introduced to the game. Players can also get free currencies in the form of leifs, and gold just by logging in to the game. This week’s Livestream was a special stream where the rewards were increased to 10 Leifs, 1 million Gold, and 50 covenant bookmarks. Players can simply log in to their accounts to claim them.

This Patch preview Livestream was a major one with huge announcements and content reveal. The live stream was announced by Smilegate to reveal the hyped collaboration with the popular anime IP “That Time I Reincarnated As A Slime” and they weren’t let down as the reveal finally did happen. 3 New Heroes from the collaboration franchise – Rimuru Tempest, Milim Nava, and Shuna are coming to join the heroes in Epic Seven starting from 28th October 2021 and continuing till 18th November 2021. This 2-week collaboration will have a special collaboration check-in event as well as the limited collaboration summoning banners for heroes Rimuru and Milim along with their artifacts Anti-Magic Mask and Upgraded Dragon Knuckles. A new special Tensura themed side story will also run alongside. Let’s get into the details shared by Smilegate.

New Heroes Rimuru, Milim, Shion, and Spirit Eye Celine

The new collaboration with Tensura stars the featured starred main characters from the anime/IP – Rimuru Tempest, Milim Nava, and Shion. Rimuru and Milim will be available to summon along with their 5-Star artifacts Anti-Magic Mask and Upgraded Dragon Knuckles on their own limited-time collaboration banners. Rimuru’s banner starts on 28th October 2021 and ends on 11th November 2021 after server maintenance while Milim’s banner starts on 4th November 2021 and ends on 18th November 2021. Players can guarantee to summon them on their 120th summon on each banner as pity in Epic Seven stands at 120 summons. Shion and her 5-Star artifact Flawless Garments will be available to all players in the special check-in event as well as by completing different stages in the side story and exchanging event currency for multiple copies of them.

Epic Seven – Rimuru Tempest, Shuna, and Milim are coming with Tensura Collaboration

Rimuru is a 5-Star Earth elemental hero from the Warriors class who excels at copying buffs and replicating them for all allies. He also introduces this copy mechanic and makes the game more complex and strategic with different team formations that can be formed with him. He does this copying of enemy buffs with his 2nd skill Analyze and Assess that states Rimuru copies any of the 2 buffs from the enemy if they are buffed after using a non-basic skill and grants those buffs to all allies. He also uses Be Ready whenever a buffed enemy attacks any ally. Be Ready is a single target damaging attack that increases Rimuru’s combat readiness by 30%. This skill is on a 3-turn cooldown. His 1st skill Okay, Shall I Get Started? Is a single targeted damaging skill that attacks the target enemy and grants himself a random buff out of Immunity, Increased Attack, Critical Hit Resistance, Effect resistance for 1 turn. His 3rd skill Devour It, Black Flame! is also a single targeted damaging ability that deals fixed damage plus additional 5000 fixed damage if the attack hits. 

Epic Seven – Rimuru Tempest, Shuna, and Milim are coming with Tensura Collaboration

This damage can increase depending on the number of buffs on the targeted enemy up to a maximum of 10,000. This skill also reduces the defense of all enemies if the targeted hit is buffed. This skill is also unaffected by elemental advantage/disadvantage. Rimuru is looking to be a great counter to buff heavy teams while being susceptible to cleaves. He can be built slow and fast both ways as he can copy buffs whenever the opponents use their skills to buff themselves. We recommend building him mainly for PvP aspects but he can be helpful in hunts as well with his fixed damage on his 3rd skill. We recommend building him on Speed/Counter + Immunity set with a focus on Attack%, Critical Hit Rate%, and Critical Hit Damage%. Focus on speed more if you decide to go with Speed + Immunity build. 

Rimuru’s skills are as follows: –

Okay, Shall I Get Started? – Cuts the enemy to attack, granting a random buff to the caster for 1 turn. (Immunity, Increase Attack, Increase Critical Hit Resistance, Increase Effect Resistance)

Analyze and Assess – After attacking with a non-basic skill, copies two buffs when the target is buffed, regardless of whether or not the attack hits and grants their effects to all allies. This effect is not applied to undispellable buffs. When an ally is attacked by a buffed enemy, activates Be Ready! against the attacker. Can only be activated once every 3 turns. 

Be Ready!: Quickly approaches the enemy and attacks, increasing the Combat Readiness of the caster by 30%.

Devour It, Black Flame! – Attacks the enemy with black flame, and a successful attack will inflict 5,000 additional fixed damage to the target. Fixed damage increases proportionally to the number of buffs granted to all allies, up to a maximum of 10,000 fixed damage. When the target is buffed, decreases the Defense of all enemies for 2 turns. Unaffected by elemental disadvantage.

Epic Seven – Rimuru Tempest, Shuna, and Milim are coming with Tensura Collaboration

Milim is a 5-Star Fire elemental hero from the Mage class that excels at dealing damage to all enemies, even those in stealth as well as dealing with characters with revives with her Extinction on her 3rd skill Dragon Fear that also ignores damage sharing effects.  Her first skill Dragon Dive is a single targeted damaging ability that deals damage equal to her attack as well as heals proportionally to the damage dealt. She also gains an Attack buff for 1 turn before the attack. Her 2nd skill Demon Eye (Milim Eye) is her passive ability that states Milim can get Dragon Eye (Milim Eye) buff when the battle starts or after her turn ends. This buff dispels all Stealth buffs from enemy heroes and this dispels ignores resistance. This skill, however, cannot permanently undispellable the stealth of characters like Specter Tenebria. This skill also stacks Focus and when this Focus bar is full, Milim will activate Dragon Buster which is an AOE damaging skill that targets all enemies while also removing 10 souls. Her 3rd skill Dragon Fear is a single targeted damaging ability that deals damage to the targeted enemy and Extinct the target if defeated. This skill also ignored all damage sharing effects if the targeted enemy is not an Elite/Boss monster. Players can soul burn her 1st skill to get an extra turn. Her kit seems very strong and another counter to heroes that can revive or provide revive buffs. She ignores damage-sharing effects; hence, she can be a great unit that counters heroes like Fallen Cecilia and Crimson Armin. 

Epic Seven – Rimuru Tempest, Shuna, and Milim are coming with Tensura Collaboration

Milim’s skills are as follows: –

Dragon Dive – Attacks the enemy, recovering Health proportional to the damage dealt before increasing Attack of the caster for 1 turn.

Demon Eye (Milim Eye) – At the start of the battle and at the end of the turn, has a 70% chance to grant Dragon Eye (Milim Eye) to the caster for 1 turn. When the caster is granted Dragon Eye (Milim Eye) at the start of the turn, dispels stealth from all enemies. Ignores Effect Resistance. When Focus is full after attacking, consume all Focus to activate Dragon Buster[white]. Dragon Buster[/white]: Attacks all enemies with overwhelming mana, removing 10 Souls.

Dragon Fear – Releases mana to attack the enemy, inflicting extinction when the enemy is defeated. Increases Evasion of the caster for 3 turns. When the enemy is not an Elite or Boss monster, damage-sharing effects are ignored.

Epic Seven – Rimuru Tempest, Shuna, and Milim are coming with Tensura Collaboration

Shuna is a 5-Star Fire elemental character from the Soul Weaver class that excels at balancing out HP and bringing some crowd control effects with her skill set. Shuna is the first hero to bring out a skill that can balance out HP. This skill might be really good for PvE and PvP with bruiser/tank teams. Her 1st skill Magicule Explosion is a single targeted damaging ability that deals damage and heals her according to her MAX HP. This skill does more damage according to her maximum HP. Her 2nd skill Blooming Lotus is a great supporting and healing ability that states it dispels 2 debuffs from all allies, rebalances the HP among allies, and grants a barrier buff for 2 turns. This barrier’s strength depends on the maximum HP of Shuna. This skill is on a 4-turn cooldown after using MolaGora’s. Her 3rd skill Sleeping Spell is an AOE damaging skill that targets all enemies and dispels 2 of their buffs while also inflicting Sleep debuff for 2 turns with a 50% chance. Shuna is a free to play and obtain character that can be obtained through the 7 Day Check-In Event, as well as more copies of her, can be obtained by playing the special side story of collaboration titled “Solayu Cook-Off”.  

Shuna’s skills are as follows: –

Leave It To Me.Attacks the enemy by manipulating magicules and recovering the Health of the caster. Damage dealt and the amount recovered increases proportional to the caster’s max Health.

A Maid’s PrideDispels two debuffs from all allies and redistributes the Health of all allies to be equal before granting a barrier for 3 turns. Barrier strength increases proportionally to the caster’s max Health.

Epic Seven – Rimuru Tempest, Shuna, and Milim are coming with Tensura Collaboration

I Will Punish You!Dispels two buffs from all enemies with fluttering flower petals before a 50% chance to put them to sleep for 2 turns.

Spirit Eye Celine is a 5-Star Light elemental hero from the Thief class that excels at countering cleave units that potentially 1 shot your entire team before you get to move. She combines maid chloe and tempest surin’s abilities. Her 1st skill Mighty Strike is a single targeted damaging ability that has 2 modes – Mighty Strike or Nimble Sword. When this skill is used, has a 35% chance to use Nimble Sword instead-but the effect chance is doubled when Spirit Eye Celine is in the Possessed state. Nimble Sword can’t be used when Spirit Eye Celine counterattacks. Nimble Sword is also a single targeted damaging skill that removes 1 debuff from Spirit Eye Celine then damages the enemy while penetrating 35% of the target’s defense. Her 2nd skill Sixth Sense states that she cannot take damage more than 70% of her MAX HP in a single hit and that all her skill cooldown get decreased by 1 turn while also gaining 5 souls whenever somebody dies. This effect takes place per turn once when a hero dies. Her 3rd skill Spirit Gate: Burning Possession is a non-damaging skill that revives all dead allies and grants them immortality for 1 turn while granting herself the Possessed buff for 3 turns. This buff states that whenever someone attacks an ally, she will counterattack with mighty strike while also recovering some health.

Epic Seven – Rimuru Tempest, Shuna, and Milim are coming with Tensura Collaboration

Spirit Eye Celine’s skills are as follows: –

Mighty Strike – Attacks the enemy with a sheath. When this skill is used, if it was not triggered by a Dual Attack, has a 35% chance to use Nimble Sword instead of Mighty Strike. When the caster is possessed, the effect chance is doubled. This skill does not trigger a Dual Attack. 

Nimble Sword: Dispels one debuff from the caster before swiftly attacking the enemy. Penetrates the target’s Defense by 35%.

Sixth Sense – Damage suffered in one attack does not exceed 70% of max Health. Decreases skill cooldown by 1 turn when somebody dies, and acquires 5 Souls. Effects upon death are only activated once per turn, upon a Hero’s death.

Spirit Gate: Burning Possession – Opens the gate of the spirits, dispelling all debuffs from the caster and making the caster possessed for 3 turns. Revives all dead allies before granting immortality to all allies for 1 turn.

Upcoming Drop Rate-UP Banners

  • Rimuru with Anti-Magic Mask (Limited Summon Banner 28/10/2021 – 11/11/2021)
  • Charlotte with Elbris Ritual Sword (Normal Summon Banner 28/10/2021 – 4/11/2021)
  • Milim with Upgraded Dragon Knuckles (Limited Summon Banner 4/11/2021 – 18/11/2021)
  • Spirit Eye Celine and Blood Blade Karin (Mystic Summon Banner 11/11/2021 – 2/12/2021)

Solayu Cook-Off – Tensura Collaboration Limited-Time Side Story

A brand new side story for the collaboration with That Time I Reincarnated As A Slime is scheduled to start on 28th October 2021 after maintenance and lasts till 18th November 2021 till the end of the collaboration. Players who have cleared Chapter 2-10 in Episode 1 are eligible to participate in the side story. The side story description reads the following “Charlotte, the Lady of Solayu, has prepared a cooking festival to bring some life back into her territory. 

In a place where talented chefs from all over gathered to compete, an unexpected but compelling contestant appears… Special Side Story, Solayu Cook-Off for  Epic Seven Tensura Collaboration, begins now.”

Epic Seven – Rimuru Tempest, Shuna, and Milim are coming with Tensura Collaboration

Solayu Cook-Off consists of 4 different chapters with the first chapter opening the week the side story opens, hence, Week 1. The next 3 chapters will be available on Weeks 2 and 3. The total length and duration of the side story are 3 weeks. The first week opens the first chapter – Cook-Off Round 1. 2nd week opens 2 new chapters – Cook-Off Round 2 and Cook-Off Round 3. 3rd week opens the last chapter – Raided La Mare. During this side story, players can collect and farm the event currency titled “Armadmit”, “Bell Mushroom”, and “Mamaya” for 3 different weeks. Keep in mind that these event currencies are required to exchange them further for goodies and rewards in the event exchange shop. Players can only farm these event currencies from the boss stage and not the story stages. Players can also get extra commodities and rewards by completing the various reputation missions and story missions. These missions also give an extra copy of the artifact Flawless Garments. Players can get up to 5 different copies of Shuna and her artifact Flawless Garments through the exchange shop along with many other handful resources like covenant bookmarks, Giga phantasms, runes, catalysts, gifts of different elements to increase affection, charms, MolaGora, Transit Stones and Gold. Players can get a Gold Transmit Stone by completing all the reputation missions. 

Epic Seven – Rimuru Tempest, Shuna, and Milim are coming with Tensura Collaboration

During this side story, if players use either of the heroes – Rimuru, Milim, and Shun then their stats will be increased in the following manner: Attack and Health increased by 30% and Level 60 Max Awakened. If players use either of the heroes – Charlotte, Alexa, Luluca, Dingo, Yuna, Crozet, Elson, Mirsa, Cidd, and Violet then their stats will be increased in the following manner: Attack and Health increased by 30%. Players can also get bonus event currency when clearing stages with heroes equipped with the following artifacts – Anti-Magic Mask, Upgraded Dragon Knuckles, and Flawless Garments.

Tensura Collaboration Special Check-In Event

A new special Check-In event for the collaboration has started which lasts for 7 days total. During the event, players can log in simultaneously to receive an extra 50 energy as a reward each day after the 1st. Players can log in anytime between 28th October till 18th November 2021. Here are the different rewards: –

Day 1 – 1,000,000 Gold (Required Rank – 1)

Day 2 – Covenant Bookmarks x20 (Required Rank – 4)

Day 3 – Terra Phantasma x1 (Required Rank – 8)

Day 4 – Catalyst Bundle Chest (Required Rank – 12)

Day 5 – MolaGora x2 (Required Rank – 16)

Day 6 – 5-Star Artifact Flawless Garments (Required Rank – 20)

Day 7 – 5-Star Unit Shuna (Required Rank – 24)

Epic Seven – Rimuru Tempest, Shuna, and Milim are coming with Tensura Collaboration

That is it for all news regarding the Epic Seven X That Time I Reincarnated As A Slime Collaboration update. Players can feel free to read the official patch notes to get a better understanding of the content coming. We highly recommend playing Epic Seven on a PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse.