The immensely popular free-to-play Japanese mobile game Fate/Grand Order announced at 9 PDT on 15 March that its gigantic user base could now take advantage of its Interlude Campaign: Part Eight. This would be a limited-time offer wherein the Fate/Grand Order fans would be benefited as all Interlude AP Costs will be halved, and they could unlock Interludes to relish their favorite Servants’ stories.

What are Interludes and How to Access Them?

Developed by Delight works and published by Sony Music Entertainment Japan’s subsidiary – Aniplex, Fate/Grand Order is a turn-based tactical RPG. Its special quests known as Interludes appear as the player advances through the Main Quest by raising one’s servants’ bond levels and subsequently strengthening them through Ascension.

What’s more, is that the player can access these quests under Interlude at Chaldea Gate or Servant Details screen to experience and play along with a uniquely special story with each servant.

By clearing these Interludes, the player may receive Saint Quartz, unlock new amazing skills, and even boost Noble Phantasm of a Servant.

Eligible Servants, Steps to unlock Them and Interlude Rewards

Servants eligible for the recent unlocks are as follows:

1. Semiramis

Steps to unlock Semiramis:

  1. Clear Singularity F
  2. Achieve Stage 1 Ascension
  3. Achieve Bond Lv. 5

As the Interlude reward, players would receive 1 Saint Quartz.

2. Florence Nightingale

Steps to unlock Florence Nightingale:

  1. Clear Final Singularity
  2. Achieve Stage 3 Ascension
  3. Achieve Bond Lv. 5
  4. Clear Interlude I

Here too, one would get 1 Saint Quartz as an Interlude reward.

3. Hijikata Toshizo

Steps to unlock Hijikata Toshizo:

  1. Clear Singularity F
  2. Achieve Stage 3 Ascension
  3. Achieve Bond Lv. 3

By unlocking Hijikata Toshizo, fans could strengthen his Noble Phantasm.

4. Yagyu Tajima-no-kami Munenori

Steps to unlock Yagyu Tajima-no-kami Munenori:

  1. Clear Pseudo-Singularity III and Lostbelt No. 3 Prologue
  2. Achieve Stage 3 Ascension
  3. Achieve Bond Lv. 5

In Yagyu’s case, too, one would get 1 Saint Quartz as an Interlude reward.

5. Yu Mei-ren

Steps to unlock Yu Mei-ren:

  1. Clear Lostbelt No. 3
  2. Achieve Stage 2 Ascension
  3. Achieve Bond Lv. 3

Yet again, you would receive 1 Saint Quartz as Interlude Reward.

6. Avenger of Shinjuku (Hessian Lobo)

Steps to unlock Avenger of Shinjuku (Hessian Lobo):

  1. Clear Pseudo-Singularity I
  2. Achieve Stage 3 Ascension
  3. Achieve Bond Lv. 5

By unlocking him, gamers would be able to strengthen his Noble Phantasm.

Enhanced Servants

There are two significant Servant updates for the Fate/Grand Order players in the Interlude Campaign: Part Eight:

  1. Hijikata Toshizo of the Shinsengumi receives an NP Upgrade along with an impressive ST Buster NP damage increase of +200% per level. Moreover, the update would also increase the bonus damage dealt with lower HP by +200% per overcharge level after bringing the maximum at 100% overcharge up to 800%. However, Hijikata’s Guts upgrade is approximated to arrive around October 2022.

All Interlude AP Costs Halved: Fate/Grand Order Is Back with this Limited Time Offer

  1. Moreover, the Avenger of Shinjuku (Hessian Lobo) also got an NP Upgrade. Along with the already existing +400% damage increase for single target Quick NPs, he would also use a modest 3-turn Critical Strength buff by 20%. Thanks to this, he would better capitalize on Critical Stars yielded after an NP turn. Along with his first-star gather skill, this upgrade would be extremely beneficial for Avenger of Shinjuku’s overall damage performance.

Other Updates

As you engrave a Command Code onto a Servant’s Command Card, you can grant yourself effects such as a Special Attack bonus or HP replenishment.