Finally, the surreal action-adventure title from Bedtime Digital Games, Figment: Journey into the Mind, will be releasing for Android this week. As the name suggests, the game is set in the human mind and is based on brain processes. Nonetheless, the game will be available on Android this Thursday! Watch the trailer for Figment: Journey into the Mind below:

The game was initially released on PC before releasing for iOS in 2019. And now, it’s finally heading to Android. In Figment, players will have to solve puzzles and battle nightmares, thus covering both the adventure and action based outlines. Influenced by a movie like Inside Out, Figment’s gameplay is based on natural brain processes. Interestingly, its overall campaign deals with mental health issues. 

As per Bedtime Digital Games, they have used charm, humor, and a gorgeous Amanita Design-esque aesthetic to make ‘Figment: Journey into the Mind’ a fun and accessible puzzle-heavy action-adventure game.