As per the latest trailer from Ateam Entertainment and Square Enix, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier will soon be coming to mobile devices on November 17 Wednesday. The developers have already released tons of details about the game, such as;

  • The inclusion of a Chocobo farm featuring customization.
  • A collection system that can be used to exchange skins & items.
  • A whole range of Moogle accessories 
  • Characters & Classes
  • And, of course, weapons.

Pre-registration is still active, now crossing the 1 million milestone and slowly closing in on the 2 million mark. As such, players will receive the milestone rewards at the start of the game, they are;

  • At 300000 pre-registrations – a Chocobo Egg
  • At 500000 – Shinra Mask Skin
  • At 770000 – Shinra Bike Skin
  • At 1 million – Shinra Utility Vehicle Skin
  • At 2 million – Shinra Helicopter ski

The Chocobo Farm

In FFVII First Soldier, Chocobos will be used as a form of transportation, and all players will already have a Chocobo egg from the pre-registration rewards.

“At the Chocobo Farm, you can hatch and raise chocobos! You can use special items to increase their speed, HP, and other stats. There are also skins for chocobos!”

On the farm, you have the option to feed, change skins, Call in Match, change stats, and breed, hatch eggs and access the pen. In the images of the farm pen, we can see skins that look like the Ifrit Chocobo, Black Chocobo & Moogle-themed Chocobo.

The stats of the Chocobos are split into Speed, HP, Jump, Stamina & Attack, similar to pokemon stats. You can customize your Chocobo to fit your character and playstyle.

Weapon Skins & Character Classes 

As for the weapons and other skins, we can see the images of 5 skins on the FF7FS Twitter page.

  • Nail Bat (sword skin)
  • Umbrella (staff skin)
  • Military Gloves (hand-to-hand skin)
  • Origami Crane (shuriken skin)
  • Conch Shell Knife (dagger skin)

You can use Gil you obtain in matches to get the nail bat, umbrella, and other skins. Each of the skins here is designed for a specific class of soldiers. 

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Teases Chocobo Farm, Character Classes And More!

There are five classes player styles in FF7FS: the Monk, Warrior, Ninja, Sorcerer, and the Ranger class. 

Monk Class

“Monks have the highest survivability among the styles and make for excellent support fighters” They fight at close range using their fists, and among the weapons listed above, Monks use the Military Gloves. 

Warrior Class

“Warriors are masters of melee combat, keep your distance if you face one.” This class also fights at close range, but instead of fists, they use a sword, so the Nail Bat sword skin is their mojo.

Ninja Class

“Covert style skilled in stealth and mobility, perfect for delivering surprise attacks” They are mid-range fighters with shuriken weapons; the Ninja class will use the Origami Crane skin.

Sorcerer Class

“Sorcerers excel at using materia in combat. Their Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder effects are stronger than other styles” They are mid-range fighters with staff as a weapon as such Sorcerers will use the Umbrella skin.

Ranger Class

“Rangers utilize superior tracing skills to hunt enemies and pick them off from a distance.” They are long-range fighters who use daggers, that is, the Conch Shell Knife skin from the list.

Not to mention, in FF7FS, you can freely customize your character’s appearance. There are over 10 MILLION possible combinations. Choose the skin tone, hairstyle, facial features, and voice to create a unique SOLDIER candidate.

The Collection

With the “collection” feature, you can exchange “data pieces” you find in battle for skins. The first items available in the collection are Moogle-themed.

Players can data items from games and exchange them for items using the Collection feature. In beta, these data items could be found in chest boxes while playing; it should work the same way after launch.

The first items to be featured in Collection are Moogle-themed, as you can see here. They include Moogle guns, hat, backpack, glasses, Moogle-themed Chocobo accessories, costume, and wings. 

That’s all for now about Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier; stay tuned for more gaming news.