Free money for App Developers!

Hey Developers! Have you considered using Bitcoin in your apps and games? Essentially inviting the use of bitcoins in your app allows more in-app purchases that can cost you and your users nothing. Who would want to say no to free money? The first step to do this is find a bitcoin miner party to mine bitcoins and release more for you in our app or game and in return, they get free advertising in your app. So far it sounds like a win/win situation, but there is another win to make this a win/win/win… Your users can make in-app purchases for free by earning bitcoins within the app. In-app purchases are essentially free, but users can choose to pay more to obtain more bitcoin if they want more than what the app gives out.


In game, SaruTobi by MandelDuck, introduces the use of bitcoin.  In this app you can collect or win bitcoins and if you want more bitcoins, then you can buy more on your own own! SaruTobi uses bitcoins to be put into a pot as a prize. People can donate as little as they want or as much as they want. Users tend to be more generous than not  because it didn’t initially cost users anything so they aren’t losing much by contributing to the pot.


Over time, the game began to be self-sufficient and pays for itself. Imagine making money off of your app whiling have all app fees and etc. taken care of? Pretty sweet if you ask me.
SaruTobi is available on the Apple App Store. Check out MandelDuck’s other game Game of Birds as well for some more bitcoin integration inspiration!


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