Hearthstone Teases ‘Horde’ Themed Expansion, Set for BlizzConline Reveal

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Hearthstone seems to have big plans for 2021, with many new updates and exciting things coming for the users soon. However, their teaser for the BlizzConline reveal has many fans excited, with the supposed teaser hinting at a new expansion.

The teaser announcement reads,” Danger lurks amongst the thorns and thistles… Muster your strength and honor for the #BlizzConline reveal this Friday!”

Even more so, the expansion seems to be revolving around the ‘Horde’ faction from the ‘World of Warcraft’ realm. Breaking the teaser down, you can see a torchbearer walk down a dark path and suddenly come across a horde of Quillboars. The teaser ends highlighting the blood red ‘Horde’ faction emblem, with the phrase ‘Quill you be Ready?’.

Now obviously, the new expansion is likely to cover the Quillboars, judging by the wordplay and the teaser. However, fans have noticed certain hints that could be deciphered. First of all, the Horde emblem points towards the World of Warcraft theme and subsequently, the Barrens zone, which harbours the Quillboars, Orcs and Trolls. 

The evidence is in the pudding; and in this case the teaser, wherein the torchbearer appears to be an Orc, lending further credibility to the Barrens theme. However, some fans pointed towards Razorfen Kraul, which is an area found in the southern part of the Barrens in World of Warcraft. 

The hint is embedded in the fact that the same orc allegedly appears in the Razorfen Downs, which is part of Dungeon Music 1 released by World of Warcraft. 

While the teaser has fans excited and gripping with zeal over the prospect of a Barrens-themed, Horde expansion coming, the players will not have to wait much longer for all to be revealed about the teaser. BlizzCon 2021 will be held online due to the ongoing pandemic and has been termed BlizzConline as a result. The new expansion that has been teased will seemingly be announced at BlizzConline, which is scheduled to start on February 19.

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