miHoYo recently announced their plans to launch Honkai Impact 3rd 5.2v, which is the Infinite Future update, on October 21. The update will feature a lot of new content, including a brand new chapter, two battlesuits, and an S ranker & A ranker to go along with it.

To get an idea of the update, you can watch the trailer for Infinite Future.

miHoYo has also released a funny little animated skit for the Infinite Future; it gives us an insight into the characters, at least their cute versions.

“The new Chapter [The Birth of Tragedy] will take place in Schicksal’s former HQ, Kolosten, in an Open World format. Indeed! Otto’s past has rarely been touched upon until now. But as the story develops, we’ll get to know the secret side and the tragic backstory of Schicksal’s Overseer. You can even find easter egg stories in Kolosten. You gotta explore the new Open World with us! ”

Things To Look Forward To In Infinite Future

  • New Battlesuit: Infinite Ouroboros
  • New Battlesuit: Midnight Absinthe
  • New Story Chapter and Overworld
  • New Lightning ELF
  • Elysian Realm Updated
  • QUA Cannon
  • New Login Emblem Rewards and Top-Up Rewards!
  • Valkyries’ Cafeteria Event
  • New PRI-ARM Lance and Battle Pass
  • Spending Event
  • Free S-rank and Firepower Supply
  • ELF: Klein

New Battlesuit: Infinite Ouroboros For Mobius

Mobius, the Flame-Chaser and a well-respected scientist who possesses the Signet of Infinity. She was among the first to undergo the MANTIS transformation.

Honkai Impact 3rd 5.2v: The Infinite Future Update

The green snake Flamechaser Mobius sports the new S-rank battlesuit, Infinite Ouroboros. She’s a MECH Ranged Lightning Cross-wielding DPS, storing up to 3 Genesis Seeds and consumes each to output powerful Combo ATKs in battle.

Mobius Rank Up Skills

  • Withered Heart- SS-rank, 2 star. At Max level 10, When Umbra of Quroboros is not active, Enhanced Basic ATKs connected to Combo ATKs restore 7 SP instead of 6 SP.
  • Reptilian Gaze- S-rank, 1 star. At Max level, For 3.5s after hitting an enemy with a Combo ATK, Combo ATKs deal upto 25% more Lighting DMG instead of 20%. Stacks up to 2 times, triggering it again resets the duration. Ultimate restores the max number of stacks.
  • Craving of the Dead- S-rank, 2 stars. When Umbra of Ouroboros is active, the Lighting DMG multiplier of an Enhanced Basic ATK or Surging ATK following a Combo ATK is increased by 50% x5.
  •  Eternal Tomb- SS-rank, 3 star.Team deals 27% bonus Total DMG with Ranged ATKs instead of 22 %. Team deals 30% bonus Lighting DMG when the summoned entity is on the field instead of 25%. Persists for 25s then can be reused.
  • Simulated Sacrifice- SSS-rank, While object X is present, enemies on the field take 5% extra total damage. When Object X is generated and the refresh & duration time runs out, nearby enemies will take 150% Lighting Damage.

Mobius’s equipment are the Basilisk’s Image,  (PRI-ARM) Basilisk’s Image: Deathshroud and the new stigma, Systema Naturae set – Linnaeus. They will be available in Focused Supply (1 Week) and Equipment Expansion Supply (4 weeks). If you plan to play Mobius, try to get some of them, especially the cross.

The New S-Rank Lightning ELF: Klein

Dr. Mobius’s assistant ELF, Klein, will also be joining us. She can paralyze and provide Lightning DMG bonuses, she can also force-trigger Lightning character QTEs at 3★.

  • 2-star: Klein ultimate resets valkyrie switch cd.
  • 3-star: Klein ultimate triggers QTE skill of Lightning valks.

New Battlesuit: Midnight Absinthe For Raven

The experienced mercenary Natasha Cioara, also known as Raven from World Serpent. Her battlesuit, Midnight Absinthe, is a Fire A-Rank support Archer and is the first IMG-type.

When her arrow hits the weak spot of the IMG-type enemy [Nihilus Seed], its current phase will be insta-killed if it has less than 20% HP.  Her Ultimate creates a large cloud of smoke that makes enemies take more Fire damage.

Her equipment includes the new bow, Obscuring Wing, and the new stigma: Poem of Raven set – Aslaug. Raven’s Ultimate is Nightbird’s Call and Basic ATK: Silenced Flechette. When her arrow hits the weak spot of the IMG-type enemy [Nihilus Seed], its current phase will be insta-killed if it has less than 20% HP.

  • Charged ATK: Heartpiercer – She fires 6 Feather Blades that deal AoE Fire DMG around her. She simultaneously recovers all the Feather Arrows, Feather Blades, and Feathers on the field to gain the same number of [Night Roamer] stacks.
  • Evasion: Enchanting Requiem-Evade enemy attacks up to twice in a row. Tap [ATK] immediately after Ultimate Evasion is triggered to connect to Basic ATK’s 3rd sequence.
  • Nightbird’s Call– She unleashes a barrage of attacks before sniping the enemy in front of her, dealing high Fire DMG and clearing all [Night Roamer] stacks. This move summons a Raven Cloud to cover the field, which explodes and deals Fire DMG when enemies in it are hit by her weapon skills or her teammates’ attacks.

Valkyries’ Cafeteria event will be available from Week 2 until the end of week 4. Send your valkyries onto restaurant jobs; the rewards include Azure Empyrea outfit “Taixuan Impression”, Midnight Absinthe fragment x30, Crystals. You just have to complete the event tasks, manage Valkyries and supplies.

A spending event will be available for 4 weeks! The more you pull, the more tokens you earn to buy rewards in the shop. Upon reaching the 425 Tokens Milestone (30800 crystals), you will gain the Magic Girl Bronya Outfit. Then you have the exclusive outfits for Klein ELF, Bright Knight: Excelsis character card, and many more.

Elysian Realm in v5.2 will feature Infinite Ouroboros, Midnight Absinthe, and Starchasm Nyx. Also, 3 more Elysia stamps have been added and the A-rank box now has Raven frags.

That’s it for now; stay tuned for more gaming news.