NetEase recently announced a beta for their latest FPS mobile game, Hyper Front. This is the same Valorant clone that NetEase was working on earlier this year, under the name of Project M.

The now renamed Hyper Front is starting its beta test in Canada, Brazil, Thailand and Japan with support for English and Japanese. If you reside in these regions or know how to use a VPN for gaming, you can find the game on the Google Play Store or here at their official site. Now Hyper Front is not available on iOS yet; maybe we will see it soon in the next testing phase.

Game Details

Hyper Front is basically Valorant Mobile, so everything from the game mechanics to character designs is similar and of good quality. It is a great alternative for people who like Valorant but can’t play it on a PC, at least until Riot Games decides to release a mobile version. Anyway, the game looks and feels great for a beta version.

Like Valorant, Hyper Front is a 5v5 character-based FPS game set in a near-future sci-fi world. Players can use advanced weapons and command unique hero abilities to create tactical opportunities.

Diverse Hero Abilities

Each hero has a unique set of tactical abilities- Area scan, Teleport, Block, Shrouding, and more. Plus more opportunities to let your gunplay shine, and MORE FUN.

Cutting-edge Arsenal

UZI, UMP, Barrett, AK… Classic weapons evoke real shooting excitement! Each firearm has special attributes to cater to specific playstyles. Also, define your style further with weapon skins and accessories!

Hyper Front to Start Beta Tesing

5v5 Search & Destroy Mode

Gather your friends and squad up for a classic 5v5 Search & Destroy match! Deploying and retrieving the Starcore is the key to winning. Here, your tactics, reflexes, marksmanship, and cooperation are equally important. Death Fight and MORE game modes are constantly evolving for you!

Meticulous Maps: Fight around the world

Momijigawa, Polar Exploration Center, City of Citizens – Kavilek, City of Gardens – Strocci. Compete on these diverse, multicultural maps and master their minute details. Each map has been carefully designed to support diverse tactics, be it sniping or rushing, whichever you favor. Numerous hidden surprises await!

Vibrant and Stylish Sci-fi Design

A stylish sci-fi aesthetic shaped with vibrant visual style and unique character designs!

Unreal Engine 4: Realistic Sci-fi Battlefield

Enjoy a console-quality immersive gunfight experience on mobile devices! Years in the making, the Hyper Front team is proud to present a realistic sci-fi battleground with groundbreaking graphics!

Extreme Compatibility & Smooth Gameplay

Compatibility with a wide range of devices enables you to enjoy smooth gaming with your friends anytime, anywhere!

That’s it for now on Hyper Front; stay tuned for more gaming news.