The Swiss video game developer FunPlus recently announced a collaboration between their mobile strategy game King of Avalon and famous English Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom.

Based on the actor, the developers of KOA designed a new hero called Orlando the Nightshade, complete with an epic storyline. In the recent 13.0.0 update of KOA on March 10, Orlando went live alongside another hero called Yrsa.

King of Avalon: A New Hero Announce Collaboration with Orlando Bloom

The CBO of FunPlus, Chris Petrovic, said, ” We are honored to be welcoming a star with the talent and global reach of Orlando Bloom to the King of Avalon universe. The team has done an amazing job shaping this character and developing a tailored story that King of Avalon fans will love. We can’t wait for our community to discover Orlando the Nightshard and explore his history and abilities in-game.”

King of Avalon: Orlando the Nightshard

The new hero, Orlando the Nightshard, is available now on the battlefields of Lunar, but don’t worry, he is also scheduled to release in the Solar Kingdom soon.

The half Unmelted half-human Orlando was once a great knight of Avalon who fought against the evil Unmelted. But during a fierce battle, Orlando got his right hand infected by the cursed ice blade. The Raven man gave Orlando a sword and a magical gauntlet to save his life and let him carry on his duties, both made of the rare mineral called Nightshard. 

After the ordeal, Orlando was left scarred by the Unmelted and resolved himself to a life as a pariah. But once again, the Raven man sought him out to defeat the Unmelted in the name of a new lord in the ancient City of Dragonsholm. Now equipped with the rare and powerful Nightshard Blade, Orlando sets out to meet the Unmelted in battle.

Orlando the Nightshard can be summoned for 20 fragments, has a maximum level of 60, and a march capacity of 6000 plus. As you guessed it, his unique skill is Nightshard Blade; then his skills include Calvary Defence, Bowmen Defence, Calvary Health, Bowmen Health, Calvary Attack, and Bowmen Attack.

The second hero Yrsa has a unique skill Wild Boar; then her other skills include Infantry Attack, Troop Defence, Infantry Defence, Troop Health, Infantry Health, and Troop Attack.

Orlando Bloom On King of Avalon 

King of Avalon: A New Hero Announce Collaboration with Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom is well known for his iconic role in two of the biggest franchises in recent years. One is in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogy as Legolas, a Sindar Elf of the Woodland Realm. And the other is in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise as William Turner, the son of Bootstrap Bill Turner.

He has also played key roles in titles such as the Kingdom of Heaven, The Three Musketeers, Black Hawk Down, Carnival Row, and more, including documentaries.

On the topic of KOA actor says, ” King of Avalon is an incredible world of lore and adventure with exciting characters like mine, who get to roam the lands and conquer different territories.”

He also added, “At a time when games and movie characters are blurring the lines, it was cool to see my character, Orlando the Nightshard, come to life.”

That’s all about KOA’s collaboration with Orlando Bloom; remember to keep your eyes peeled for more gaming news from us.