Paradox Interactive, the creators of the popular RPG series Knights of Pen and Paper, have released the third installment of the Dungeons and Dragons-inspired game without so much as a tweet to announce the launch. The game hasn’t yet been released worldwide, and it is likely that most fans will not be able to play the game until it is released in its entirety and across platforms. The soft launch of the game, however, has brought attention to the series, and many expect the release of the full game to be right around the corner. As for now, Android users in some countries have the game available to them and can play it by downloading it from Google Play Store.

As mentioned, the Knights of Pen and Paper series draws a lot of inspiration from the classic board game Dungeons and Dragons. All the games in the series take place in the imagined scenarios of a few characters, one of whom is a dungeon master, that the user can control, who themselves are playing a D&D-inspired game. If this sounds too complicated, worry not, since the actual game is a lot easier to play than any description of its gameplay will have you believe. The ability to control the players of the game as well as the dungeon master offers the user a unique ability; the ability to choose the battles they fight, as well as aspects of the story that are not usually under the user’s control in other role-playing games. The 8-bit graphics and soundtrack also lend the game a classic, homely feel, something that many RPG players crave. That, compared with the stories and characters of the Knights of Pen and Paper series, all paying homage to old-school RPGs such as Chrono Trigger, etc. make the Knights of Pen and Paper series a must play for any RPG enthusiast.

The latest iteration of this well-loved series, Knights of Pen and Paper 3, also follows the same path as its predecessors in terms of gameplay and storyline aspects. Filled to the brim with interesting scenarios, places, and characters, the Knights of Pen and Paper series also gives its users all the usual features of RPGs that users love so much, including side missions and quests, meeting minor characters, leveling up, and learning new skills. Since the game is inspired by a board game and the characters the user controls are also playing a board game, there are table-top elements to the game as well, including dice rolls, which add an element of surprise and luck to the game. As was the case with Knights of Pen and Paper 2, this new release will also be a freemium game with a free-to-play model working alongside in-app purchases that users can choose to pay for or not, depending upon their convenience.

Paradox Interactive is expected to add new elements to the game, while keeping the popular ones intact, which means players can expect new, intriguing storylines, quests, characters, weapons, and landscapes once the full game is released for all platforms and all countries.