Love and Deepspace is an upcoming otome game recently revealed by Papergames , the same studio behind Shining Nikki, Love and Producer, Miracle Nikki, and World Traveler. The game will come out on iOS and Android platforms through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively. However, the game appears to be available in Chinese only and an English version is yet to be announced. 

For those unfamiliar, an otome game is a story-based game targeted towards a female audience. Because of this, otome games feature a female main character (you) and several male characters who can develop a romantic relationship with the main character. 

‘Shining Nikki’ Developer Reveals Upcoming Project, ‘Love and Deepspace’

In Papergames’ new title, players play a graphically impressive 3D otome experience where they can develop intimacy with three male leads. Love and Deepspace takes place in a futuristic setting set in 2034. In 2034, huumans received messages from the depths of the universe for the first time. This message from deep space civilization still has not been deciphered. Curious people then started to explore the universe to learn more about the unknown and this has also given rise to various deep space legends. Additionally, in this future, people have special elemental abilities called “EVOL”. Throughout the game, the player meets and interacts with three different male leads, each having their own EVOL, and embarks on a futuristic journey with them to learn more about the depths of space.

  • Qi Yu
    • Quote: “Do you believe that there will be flames on the bottom of the sea?”
    • Age: 24
    • Identity: Artist
    • EVOL: Fire
  • Li Shen
    • Quote: “If you get closer, the ice and snow will melt.”
    • Age: 27
    • Identity: Heart Surgeon
    • EVOL: Ice
  • Shen Xinghui
    • Quote: “My light goes to where you are.”
    • Age: Unknown
    • Identity: Special Evol Police
    • EVOL: Light

‘Shining Nikki’ Developer Reveals Upcoming Project, ‘Love and Deepspace’

Papergames has not announced an official release date as of now. However, they have already announced the pre-registration for the game starts in November 2023. According to the game’s official website, players can receive bonus rewards for pre-registering the game. These rewards are 100 Diamonds, 10000 Gold Coins, 60 Stamina, and an exclusive title that you can display alongside your username. Additionally, you can also receive various coupons, tickets, and vouchers for in-game items when you follow the game on Weibo and Bilibili, which are Chinese social media platforms.

When Love and Deepspace comes out, you can install and play the game on PC or Mac with BlueStacks  and take your otome experience to the next-level. By playing the game on more powerful hardware, you can maximize the game’s gorgeous visuals at a higher frame rate. You can also take advantage of the UTC Time Converter  to help you keep up to date with the game’s limited-time events. While waiting for Love and Deepspace’s release, you can check out Shining Nikki-Fashion Makeover on BlueStacks.