NEOWIZ’s newest competitive multiplayer title, ‘Magic Stone Knights’ is now available to pre-register on Android and iOS devices.

Magic Stone Knights is a free fantasy game combining epic match-3 duels and hero-collecting topped with PVP duels full of action. The game features a strategic match-3-themed gameplay, combining RPG elements with hero-collecting RPG fun where players have to solve exciting puzzles in their journey.

Players who opt to pre-register for Magic Stone Knights before its launch will get rewards based on the number of total pre-registrations that the game receives. Each player pre-registering for the title will receive a guaranteed 5-star Hero Select Box at the time of the game’s launch.

NEOWIZ’s New Competitive Match-3 Game ‘Magic Stone Knights’ Now Available for Pre-Registration

Magic Stone Knights Pre-Registration Rewards

NEOWIZ has promised a ton of free rewards for players who pre-register for Magic Stone Knights ahead of its final release. Players will receive various rewards based on the pre-registration milestone set by the developers.

When the game hits 100,000 pre-registers, players will get 10,000 Diamonds, 30 Premium Scrolls, and 1 Random Hero Box, guaranteeing a 5-star hero.

NEOWIZ’s New Competitive Match-3 Game ‘Magic Stone Knights’ Now Available for Pre-Registration

NEOWIZ has confirmed that Magic Stone Knights will be free to download and play. The exact release date of the title isn’t known for certain at the time of writing.

Magic Stone Knights is certain to entice casual and harcore gamers alike with its unique blend of puzzle and RPG elements. It will also appeal to the players who like hero-collecting games in general, since this game offers a wide variety of heroes for its players to collect.

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