Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero is a cute side-scrolling Idle RPG that see’s you role-playing the magical girl Ariel that has been tasked with saving the world of Flotia after goddess Elysia has vanished into the darkness. Get to work, as players can expect to take upon challenging enemies, tons of PvE content, and engage with a thematic storyline that develops itself over time. Make sure to check out the immersive soundtracks and play the captivating dungeon-based game modes that will leave you wanting for more! Players can experience a true-to-nature Idle game, perfectly fit for casual gamers that have less time on their hands. Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.      

Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero – All Working Redeem Codes September 2023

Here’s a short description of the game, provided by the developers to invite you to Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero – “Flotia, a world deprived of all life by the greedy god Darklin. Before disappearing, Elysia the goddess of peace used the last of her strength to give Flotia one last chance. That is Ariel, the Magical Girl. In order to save this beautiful world, Ariel starts her adventure on a broomstick.”

New players in Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero have a lot going for them – tons of rewards, free pre-registration rewards, new player quests, and a lot more! These systems are in place to entice you and get you started for a long & tiring journey of becoming the best mage in the game. As you progress further into the game, you will realize the true scarcity of resources, especially when a single upgrade will cost you millions of Gold at a time. In such scenarios, free resources are always welcomed, especially when they are offered straight by the developers. Yes, we are talking about those amazing text-based Redeem Codes!

Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero – All Working Redeem Codes September 2023

These codes are handed out by the developers to attract new players and/or keep the existing players engaged. Here is a list of all the working redeem codes in Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero as of September 2023:


Players can feel free to redeem these codes any time as they do not come with a mentioned expiration date. These codes are only for redemption 1 time per account.

How to redeem codes in Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero?

If you’re wondering how you can redeem the codes, here is a short step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero – All Working Redeem Codes September 2023

  • Open Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero on your device. 
  • Login to your account. 
  • Go to Settings from the top right-hand corner of the main screen. Tap on the “Super Reward” icon.
  • This should take you to a new window, and inside it will be a blank text box. 
  • Input any of the above-mentioned codes in the textbox.
  • The rewards should come in your in-game mailbox.

We recommend playing Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero on a PC using BlueStacks with a keyboard and mouse for a 60 FPS Full HD lag-free experience on a bigger screen.