Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Choose side in Marvel Puzzle Quest game ahead of Captain America Civil War movie

Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Choose...

In celebration of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War movie coming to theaters May 6th, Marvel Puzzle Quest is kicking off a “Civil War” in-game event for players of the game starting May 5th. In the game, players will have to choose either Team Captain America or Team Iron Man, completing missions against opposing Alliances and ultimately battle a special boss version of Captain America or Iron Man.

Players will be able to recruit 5-star characters such as First Avenger and Iron Man Mark XLVI to their roster. On April 28th, Winter Soldier character will be unlocked with War Machine character unlocking soon. There’s already a growing list of teams already registered. Here’s a brief of the Alliances:

  • Team Iron Man includes: Iron Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, Vision, War Machine and more.
  • Team Captain America includes: Captain America, Ant-Man, Falcon, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Winter Soldier, and more.

Download the game and participate on your mobile device plus you can play on your PC with BlueStacks using the button above!