Millennials and Social Media

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When you think of millennials and social media, you’re probably imaging every 99% of them attached to Facebook and Instagram and the 1% must be Amish. All of Young Hollywood have strong social media presences, alongside with  Instagram “models”, public Twitter feuds, and etc..the face of social media is basically a bunch of 20-35 year olds. However, generalizations are only stereotypes or guesses without statistics. The actual statistics are that 11% of millennials surveyed in an Ipsos poll, don’t have a Facebook, while 27% log on less than once a week. Hypothetically out of 100 people that would be 38 that are barely or never on Facebook.  Other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter didn’t capture interest from about 30% of surveyed milennials and on top of that, more than 50% do not use Snapchat. The majority of young people are on social media a lot but there is a significant number that are not.  For example, Burberry and Taco Bell ran ad campaigns through Snapchat this year.  Though I’m sure both brands found the advertisement on Snapchat beneficial,  which household name found more value in the views? Which brand do you think is more effectively marketed to millennials? Most average 20 something-year-olds can easier get their hands on some Taco Bell than a new Burberry handbag. Yes, ignoring the minority statistics will still get you the majority, but you’re essentially still missing a huge chunk of your target. Let’s think of this in terms of an exam score. Missing 30% -40% of your test answers yields you at a C- or D- grade; not impressive at all. ‘Majority’ can be 95% but it can also be 55%; maybe thinking twice before you dismiss the minorities is a good idea. Yes, ignoring the minority statistics will still get you the majority, but you’re essentially still missing a chunk of your target, and more importantly, it all depends on what you are trying to market. Tacos and hand bags are entirely different things that appeal to different consumers with many factors such as age, or gender and etc. to consider. Maybe you want to change the way you market. Maybe you want to change your target market… Rethinking and reconsidering  your options again wouldn’t hurt.

With this in mind, it is time to think outside the box or to revisit some traditional methods. What are other ways to reach your target audience beside social media? It is good to plan for other marketing strategies that don’t solely involve Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. How has the world of advertisement existed prior to Facebook likes? Prior to Instagram shout outs? There are plenty of things you can do outside of online marketing and advertising. Expanding your strategy can earn you that B+ or even A.

The takeaway message: Learn your surroundings and don’t put all your eggs in one basket, because not all eggs are created equal.


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