Monster Quest Pre-Registrations Open – Catch and Train Monsters and Become a Powerful Trainer

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When it comes to the monster-collection genre, it seems like Pokémon has got it completely monopolized. It’s difficult for Gamefreak to release a new entry in the series and not have it sell millions and millions of copies. This is a typical case of a franchise that is literally too big to fail. However, this hasn’t stopped other companies from testing the waters by creating their own spins on the classic formula, and the upcoming Monster Quest is one of the promising titles in this genre.

Monster Quest Pre-Registrations Open – Catch and Train Monsters and Become a Powerful Trainer

Collect and Train Your Squad of Powerful Monsters

Monster Quest: Seven Sins is being developed by uBeeJoy, the team behind Astral Chronicles, another awesome and popular mobile RPG. This time, however, instead of a regular game in the genre, it’s a monster RPG, which means that one of the core gameplay aspects revolves around catching and collecting lots of different monsters around the world. The player also gets to train their monsters and even upgrade them to stronger forms, increasing their stats considerably and giving them access to better attacks.

The way the monster system works is that the player can initially capture the creatures and add them to the team, while also collecting resources known as Genes that, when combined with the monsters, can help them to assume new forms. These beasts can transition through several phases such as cub, monster, and even human. That’s right, your beasts can eventually become human and unleash their full potential. This makes the creatures more akin to Digimon who, as they digivolved into more powerful forms, some of them could obtain more humanoid features. Regardless, as they go through the different forms, they’ll learn new abilities, talents, and gain stat boosts.

Monster Quest Pre-Registrations Open – Catch and Train Monsters and Become a Powerful Trainer

In order to capture monsters, there are several systems in place. For instance, you’ll be able to capture new beasties via AR, much like in Pokémon Go. In this sense, the monster will appear in your camera, and you’ll have to subdue and eventually capture it. Moreover, you can also discover new creatures via exploration, as well as by completing certain challenges.

It goes without saying that the main aspect that makes this game stand apart from the rest is this monster catching system. However, there will also be many different dungeons to explore, challenges to complete, and powerful enemies to battle. We hope that it can live up to the huge expectations that come from following in the footsteps of the titans that are the Pokémon and Digimon franchises.

Monster Quest Release Date

There still isn’t a formal release date for Monster Quest. However, you can already head on over to its Play Store page to sign up and pre-register in order to get notifications when it actually releases. However, considering that their final testing concluded a few weeks ago, it shouldn’t be very long until the game is available for download.

Make sure to check back to our blog when the game releases as we’ll probably be creating a few guides to help you get started on the right foot.

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