A new strategy game enters the scene! Mushroom Saga: New World is the new exhilarating strategy game developed by JJFuture, the same studio that made Wandering Castle, Age of Ocean: Survival, and Fishing Gogo. The game can now be downloaded as an early access title on Android platforms through the Google Play Store.

Mushroom Saga: New World Early Access Version Launches on Android

In Mushroom Saga: New World, you immerse yourself in the mystical world of mushrooms and begin an adventure while enjoying thrilling strategic battles. You play as a commander of a mushroom citadel and you lead your army to surpass various challenges and emerge as the top citadel in the entire mushroom world. Let’s take a look at the various ways that you can build your prowess as a mushroom commander.

  • Mushroom Heroes – assemble a formidable team of mushroom heroes to make your mushroom army more competitive in acquiring resources and taking over territory. You can acquire various spores which grow into different specialized mushroom heroes. Combine these heroes with your regular mushroom troops to dominate the mushroom world!
  • Hero Trials – cross through space rifts and challenge other mushroom commanders to earn big rewards. Prepare yourself for these encounters as you’ll be placing your reputation in the mushroom world on the line!

Mushroom Saga: New World Early Access Version Launches on Android

  • Real-time Battles – participate in real-time combat gameplay where you can formulate strategies on the fly. Lead your mushroom army through beautiful landscapes and use your mushroom hero skills to invade enemy territories and defend your home.
  • Alliance Warfare – the adventure throughout the mushroom world will take you to battlefields in space rifts and the diverse lands of the mushroom world. You will face plenty of intimidating and horrifying monsters in your journey. Forming alliances is key if you want to survive and thrive. Establish and join alliances so that you can develop and cooperate with your allies. You cannot go far if you do not have the support of your mushroom allies!
  • Construction and Management – as the commander of your own mushroom citadel, it is also your responsibility to oversee its development and management. Provide a safe environment for your mushrooms and spores to grow by planning the development of your citadel. Construct various facilities to unlock new services, pave new roads for your citizens to use, and upgrade existing facilities to make your citadel more powerful.

Install and play Mushroom Saga: New World now on PC or Mac with BlueStacks and take your experience of the mushroom world to a whole new level. You can take advantage of features like macros and scripting to create custom commands and make winning your battles much more effective. If you are interested in strategy games, check out more strategy games here.