My Time at Portia: Pre-order, Discount, Release Date, And More

The famous 3D simulation role-playing PC game, My Time at Portia, is going to make its way to the mobile platforms soon. The game is developed by Pathea Games, who developed its PC counterpart too, while Pixmain is the publisher for the game on Android and iOS. As of now, the game is available to pre-order on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Apart from being a popular PC title, My Time at Portia is also available on multiple other platforms like Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, and PlayStation 4. The critics have received the title very well, with a Metacritic rating of 73% for its PC version and similar ratings from other websites. The complete details about the official release of My Time at Portia on the mobile platform are as follows:

Pre-order and Discount 

As already mentioned, My Time at Portia is available for pre-order on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. The popular 3D simulation RPG title is priced at $7.99, but gamers can pre-register the game to claim it for an almost 30% discounted price of $5.99 in the future.

Release Date

The official release date for My Time at Portia, as announced by Pixmain, is August 4, 2021. The game will be about 1.6 GB in size, and players can register to claim a 30% discount on price and other rewards after the game releases.

Gameplay and Optimizations

My Time at Portia’s plot is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans rebuild the world to restore civilization. The game’s primary goal is to restore and expand the city of Portia while also achieving the goal of becoming the best builder in the world. 

Developers have used all the elements of the PC version, and players can 100% port their progress to the mobile version once it’s out. However, the mobile version of My Time at Portia will feature a customized UI and UX.

Pa’s Workshop and Crafting

My Time at Portia allows players to build a 3D workshop that can be further used to craft items. This 3D workshop is named Pa’s workshop in-game, where players can bring the gathered material they acquired by exploring different corners of the map to craft stuff for themselves. 

Apart from crafting items, players can participate in the town-related missions that feature helping others and expanding the town using their craftsmanship. The game provides an opportunity to players to build a variety of stuff, from a basic sewing machine to a high-tech flying seat, and even develop animal husbandry.

Interaction with NPCs

My Time at Portia’s in-game town Portia features around 50 interactable NPCs. Players can interact with them to develop relations of friendship and love that can help them later during various in-game tasks.

My Time at Portia: Pre-order, Discount, Release Date, And More

Players can ride or swing a hot air balloon with their favorite NPC to improve their relationship. Players can develop these relationships further into starting a family and embracing parenthood. 

Special Optimizations 

My Time at Portia: Pre-order, Discount, Release Date, And More

As mentioned earlier, the mobile version will feature a specially optimized custom UI and UX. Here’s a look at those customized features:

  • The ‘Auto-save’ function will be available on the top of the original archiving mechanism.
  • To simplify the resource gathering process, a new ‘Item Tracking System’ will be introduced.
  • A new in-game ‘Achievement System’ where the corresponding achievement rewards will be available once unlocked.
  • To record the players’ time spent in the town of  Portia, a new system, ‘Completion Certificate,’ will be introduced.
  • The mailbox will feature two new functions: the ‘Item Filtering’ function and the ‘Open All’ function.
  • The Builders will be able to quickly assemble items by approaching the target of assembly and tapping the corresponding parts using the new  ‘Quick Assembly’ function on top of the original “Assembly System’s” functions.

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