NieR Re[in]carnation Global Release: Everything You Need to Know

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The English version of the mobile installment in the NieR series, NieR Re[in]carnation, was announced in September last year. The original Japanese version was already released earlier this year on February 16 by Square Enix as the publisher and Applibot, the developer. However, we had no word regarding the release date of the English version until now. 

Square Enix has confirmed that the English version is set to release soon and will only be available on mobile devices.

The Latest Updates

The official Twitter handle of NieR Re[in]carnation posted a tweet on May 2nd showing a glimpse of the gameplay of the English version for the fans.  In a short 12 second clip most fans were pleasantly surprised to find that the developers included English voice acting along with the texts. 

You can hear the sweet motherly voice of the Mama character as they discover a new area. The isolated audio effects of the character running through the tunnel and the unique sound of the waterfall nearby are also incredibly realistic; with the right headphones, you will be able to hear even the tiniest details, much like a simulator. The graphics quality in the clip is similar to the Japanese version, with no significant changes visible in lighting or otherwise. We will know more details when a longer trailer is released; there could be another one this month as the team is close to pre-registrations.

According to the latest tweet, the team has successfully completed the English localization and is making the final adjustments before the pre registration begins. The release date has not yet been announced, but hopefully, we will see a favorable update from the team by the end of this month.

NieR Re[in]carnation Global Release: Everything You Need to Know


The Japanese writer and video game director Yoko Taro is the man behind this much anticipated game; he is also well known in the industry for the Drakengard series and the previous installments: the NieR and NieR Automata. All the distinct soundtracks and music are the work of Keiichi Okabe and his team of composers, while Akihiko Yoshida and Kazuma Koda handled the character designs and the art style.

Although NieR Re[in]carnation is seen as the continuation of the NieR universe and the gameplay and visuals mirror that of NieR Automata, the game was developed as a stand-alone title perfect for long-time fans as well as for those new to the nier and Drakengard universe. 

NieR Re[in]carnation Global Release: Everything You Need to Know

The Game World

The game is set in a world of tall structures and dungeons riddled with countless stairs and beautiful backdrops; sometimes, players can see a giant flying creature in the background which adds to the alluring fantasy part of the game. Players progress through the stories from the eyes of the main character known simply as the “The Girl In White ” accompanied by a ghost-like character called Mama who, like the name suggests, is much like a mother figure guiding their child through the unknown. 

As the player explores the structures(the cages), they come across statues known as the black scarecrows, which suck them inside various stories, much like Inkheart or Goosebumps. After that, the storytelling takes a turn into 2D like the pages of a book but very captivating, but don’t worry, the RPG-style combat is still in 3D. As the player purifies the black statues throughout the various cages, the main character finds more about herself and the world she found herself in. If you are tired of waiting, download the Japanese version using a VPN. It should keep you occupied and give a clearer picture of what to expect, at least until the pre-registration begins.

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