No Budget UA Tip of the Month – Optimizing your App Store page

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Your app store page is one of the most easiest things that you can change at no cost that will then improve your UA efforts. Making sure that your app is ranking high enough in the search results will results in far more downloads at a far lower cost than just about any other UA effort. So how can you improve your App Store Page?


Here’s a quick rundown of tasks that you can do:

  1. Using the Right Keywords –
    1. You’ll want to make sure that your keywords are relevant. There’s no point in using keywords that are not relevant. For example, if you have an app that’s about racing then you’ll want have multiple keywords that’s for racing instead of keywords about keywords about football.
    2. Additionally you’ll want to make sure that the keywords you use are being searched enough to make them meaningful. To use the racing analogy, there are probably more people racing for words such as fast, racing, speed or drag racing than for example keywords about horsepower, V8 engines or tires.
    3. You’ll also want to use keywords that have low competition. These are keywords that others are not addressing but are still being searched for at a high enough volume to be meaningful.
    4. At times, the point about high search volume and low competition will clash and you’ll have to find the middle ground between the two.
  2. Additional Optimization –
    1. App Title – Google Play allows for up to 30 characters. Which means that you’re able to use more than the 5-10 characters that most game and app titles take to add on a few more more words that are highly relevant.
    2. Category Selection – The category that you choose will be important for a few reasons. You’ll want to make sure that it is a category that people will themselves associate with your app while having few competitors. The fewer competitors you have the better as that will allow you to rank for those apps.
    3. App Icon – Your app icon is important, it tells your users in one instance what your app does and gives them an image to associate with your app. You’ll want to ensure that the image you use works well in high and low resolution.
    4. Screenshot – Many users use screenshots to determine which apps they download. They are trying to determine what gameplay will be like without playing your game. Therefore you’ll want to make sure to get screenshots of the different features of the game or app so that you display as much of the app as possible.
    5. Video – Similar to screenshots, users will also look to the video to determine if they want to download the game. A lot of app developers will use an advertisement video for their app store page. Others use a features video on the app store page. This is an excellent opportunity to test to determine which feature will get used.
    6. Localization – The more countries you expose your app to, the more you’ll need to localize the app store page. For example, if you are exposing your app to the US and to South Korea, you’ll want a localized version of the app store page and the app for the Korean market.
  3. Reviews – Your app reviews are very, very important. This can be a deal breaker. Even if you’ve optimized the app store page to the max, having many bad reviews will negatively impact the likelihood that someone downloads your app. There are a few things that you can do:
    1. Have a great app – Nothing will guarantee a good enough experience and positive reviews as much as making a great app.
    2. Message long term or highly engaged users to review – A lot of game developers have logic built in that asks long term users or users who engage highly to review their app. This is a good way to ensure that users who are likely to review positively do review positively.
    3. Fix issues that users complain about and provide an alternative forum – Many users will use your review page as a way of letting you and others know about significant issues that they see as not being fixed. There are two ways that you can address this: Firstly, provide an alternative forum that they can use to communicate with you directly about issues that arise; Secondly, fix issues that are reported on your App Store.
  4. Tools You Can Use
    1. App Annie
    2. SearchMan
    3. Sensor Tower
    4. Apprankcorner


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