The global release of NetEase Games’ highly anticipated upcoming battle royale title ‘Blood Strike’ might just be on the horizon, as the developers have confirmed that the final beta test for the game is all set to commence by the end of this month.

NetEase’s Upcoming Battle Royale ‘Blood Strike’ Final Beta Test Begins June 2023

While the exact date of the final closed beta test hasn’t been revealed as of yet, we do know that the beta will be conducted in the month of June, 2023.

“We will conduct the next round of online testing in June,which will be the final test before launch,” a message from the official Blood Strike Discord reads. “There will be many new features added in this test, and we hope everyone enjoys playing it.”

Previously, we’ve seen Blood Strike entering early access in September 2022, before opening its closed beta test for players in select regions until March 2023.

For the unaware, Blood Strike is Netease’s next class-based battle royale title for Android and iOS devices that feature certain roguelike elements to keep its players engaged. Players can choose one of the several Agents available, each with their unique set of attributes and skills, while also wielding from an arsenal of different weapons in the game to fight it out against other players on the battlefield.

Blood Strike also features a unique twist on battle royales by enabling players to collect money by completing various missions, which they can use to request loadout drops containing rare weapons and other equipment.

NetEase’s Upcoming Battle Royale ‘Blood Strike’ Final Beta Test Begins June 2023

The final release date of Blood Strike hasn’t been confirmed by the devs at the time of writing. Fans can expect the release of the game to be announced shortly after the conclusion of the final beta test in June 2023.

Can’t wait to play Blood Strike? Be sure to tune into the title as soon as the game launches and play it on your PC via BlueStacks.