One of the most hyped games, Project MUGEN by Netease is finally starting to trinkle down some details as to what’s the gameplay system, the involved platforms, as well as the game studios that are working on the project. For starters, there’s still not enough details surrounding the game, as Netease seems to be following a strict no-leak policy. This is expected from AAA titles, and Project MUGEN definitely seems to be the ace in the hat for the game studio. We know for sure that Project MUGEN is an open-world RPG with explorable multi-coloured biomes that are rich in different types of flora and fauna. 

Project MUGEN is an anime-stylized open world RPG that is going to rival the likes of Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail, and Tower of Fantasy. The teaser for the same has kept players in awe with the amazing graphical artstyle, modern particle animations, and a plethora of interesting abilities. According to some reputed leaks, Project MUGEN is going to be available as a cross-platform game. Further, Project MUGEN will be available on Android, iOS, PS5, and PC. It’s also reported that the game will come to select consoles, but we would recommend to wait for an official announcement for the same.

Does Project MUGEN have a Release Date?

No, at the time of writing, Project MUGEN does not have a publicized release date shared by the developers. However, a big announcement regarding the game is going to be coming with Gamescom 2023 on 24th August. We still don’t know if this announcement will talk about a release date, but it’s confirmed that it will shed some light on the details surrounding the gameplay mechanics, available heroes, unique features, and more pertaining to Project MUGEN.

Project MUGEN Gameplay 

As we talked about before, Project MUGEN is supposedly an Open-world anime stylized RPG that features a thematic art style, vast collectability of heroes, and a ton of flashy animations surrounding these characters. The game is supposedly an anime adaptation of GTA, according to various leaks from the Chinese social media application LINE. The game is being developed by Naked Rain Studio, with more details scheduled to be released at a later date.