PUBG: New State 2051 has recently released a short video clip explaining the changes made to the upcoming Erangel map as well as the Team Deathmatch Mode. With just days away from global release, PUBG: New State has been releasing short clips of the game to build up the hype for the launch that is this month, 11th November 2021, to be exact.

Currently, two clips have been released titledD-7 (Erangel & TDM)” and “D6 (Trunk); the D-7 & D-6  (day 6) signify a countdown to the launch date. We will likely get new video clips each day from PUBG: New State until the launch.  

 PUBG New State D-7 Trailer: The New Erangel Map

The new Erangel in PUBG: New State looks extremely detailed compared to the PUBG Mobile. There are more details in the structures and buildings with amazing shadows, not to mention the concrete looks much more realistic.

The overall color scheme of the game and map has also been changed; we now get much warmer tones compared to PUBG Mobile’s lego-like colors and bluish tint. The bright blues, yellows, and brick reds have been replaced with shades of grey and a few faded colors.

The whole atmosphere of PUBG: New State’s Erangel gives off an abandoned, deserted, ghost city vibe. Maybe that was intentional as New State is set in the future year of 2051 compared to PUBG Mobile’s 1965, hence the faded paint colors. 

Most buildings and structures are the same with upgraded graphics and colors. The color of the water, river, and sky has changed from bright blue to dark blue; the clouds are also much more detailed now. 


PUBG New State D-7 & D-6 Trailers: Updated Erangel, TDM Mode & Trunk Storage

The new map looks refined, darker with much better shadows giving us a more realistic feel. In terms of graphics and vibe, PUBG: New State is much closer to the PC version than PUBG Mobile. Well, almost, the stones and rocks do look a bit out of place; they feel low quality compared to the surroundings.

D-7 Trailer: The New Team Deathmatch Mode

PUBG: New State will feature the TDM game mode much like what COD: Mobile and other FPS games offer. And for TDM matches, we get a new map called the Station(a train station). From what we can see in the trailer, the new Station map looks similar in design, i.e. layout to COD: Mobile’s Killhouse map.  

The TDM matches will be 10 minutes each, and the first team to win 40 kills wins the match. With each kill, the player’s boost gauges slowly get filled. We also get a new item called the Stem Shot.  

In the D-7 video, PUBG: New State says, “The Stem Shot is a special consumable that can only be used in Team Deathmatch. You can check your current kills, assists, and deaths by tapping on Match Details, located on the top of your screen.”

PUBG New State: D-6 Trailer “Truck”

The clip speaks about a new feature in PUBG: New State; the developers have now added trunk storage to all vehicles in the game.

“Every vehicle in PUBG: NEW STATE has its own trunk. This feature comes in handy when you need the additional storage or even an extra set of gear for your returning teammate.”

Players can collect all the gear from fallen teammates and store them in the trunk of any vehicle. “A properly prepared trunk can get your teammate instantly geared up and ready to go”.

Players can also share their gear and weapons while inside the vehicle using the trunk storage space. “The trunk can be used while driving to exchange items with your squadmates”.

If you are camping, guarding, or defending a location, you can now store extra weapons, ammo, and other items in the truck of nearby vehicles. You can hoard/store and share supplies, gear more securely without the enemy team’s interference. 

If you haven’t pre-registered for PUBG: New State, the option is still active in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

That’s it for now; stay tuned for more gaming news as well as PUBG: New State’s upcoming five trailers.