Rumby Party is a brand-new title that offers a variety of fun and engaging collection of multiplayer games that can be played with friends and family. The best part? It’s a casual players dream since it requires no internet connection to enjoy the games. Naturally, you would require a host of other players to jump into your room and start the thrilling action! Rumby Party is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.   

Enjoy Rumby Party with your Friends Offline!

Rumby Party is originally regarded as an online game that could only be played through their official website. But it seems the game is expanding to cover mobile platforms, particularly Android and iOS. Players can enjoy multiple game modes connected seamlessly and integrated beautifully into the title. A host of mini-games ranging from board games, all the way to puzzle solving, are available in the wide selection of titles. Bring one, bring more!, that’s the motto of Rumby Party when it comes to hosting multiplayer battles. 

Interested gamers can invite their friends, family, or relatives, to join in on some fun and engaging mini-games. The perfect application for travellers and causal players alike, Rumby Party offers a lot of interesting and intuitive games in their library that they have been carefully building up from the ground over the past year. The best part about these mini-games is that they require no internet connection to play, adding onto their accessibility worldwide.

Rumby Party, an Offline Mini-Game Collection Launches Globally for Android and iOS

Rumby Party has a ton of immersive game modes, with each of them featuring unique dispositions and rules that need to be followed strictly in order to win. While some games are classic round based action-packed adventures, some others are more challenging and require strategic thinking to outwit your opponents and take the crown. 

The developers at Gomble Games are quite excited for the mobile release as well, promising future players with feature-rich updates that will add onto the ever-growing library of mini-games. At get-togethers and events, Rumby Party is ideal for passing the time or playing with a group of friends and family. Rumby Party turns into a game that you simply must own because it offers so many different levels and games to play. The game also offers the option to play against other players online, where you can take on various opponents and move up the leader boards by winning exciting prizes.

Enjoy playing Rumby Party on a PC, using BlueStacks with a keyboard and mouse for a 60 FPS Full HD gameplay experience on a bigger screen.