The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Director Kim has posted a notice on their official game’s forum stating about reflecting back on the previous year and admitting that they had some regrets from the past about where the game was heading.

The dev note is about sharing their plans on optimizing the “Festival Draw Banner” after the community around the world have provided their feedback.

Community Feedbacks and More

After they shared the dev note in the previous month of October, they have been collecting the community’s thoughts on the newly changed form of Festival Draw implemented in the 40M DL festival update. They came to the conclusion that they are going back to the traditional way of Festival Banner Draw for the upcoming festival events where the previous Festival heroes are part of the drawing pool.

Many of the players in the community have expressed dissatisfaction with the draw after the 40M DL festival draw has been featured to KR/JP builds, citing “the inaccessibility of acquiring previous Festival heroes during the period of Festival,” and stating that “In regular draw, there is no certainty draws except for the SSR Draw bonus and it’s hard to draw the hero of preference due to the lineup containing almost all of the SSR heroes.”

While they have made the same updates to the global build so that all the players in the world play under the same rule, they have been collecting suggestions from the players all around the world and have put many hours into deciding what would be the best direction to take moving forward.

They are also acknowledging that making frequent changes to the drawing rules doesn’t always provide the best experience, but because they want Festivals to be a special event for the players, they have decided to revert to the traditional way of Festival Draw from now on, similar to the Grand Cross 2nd Anniversary Event. They will also run a survey of Festival Heroes in the next Festival for the first time. This special survey will be available on November 18 to all the players around the world, and the three Festival heroes that receive the most votes in this survey will be elected to be added for the next Festival Draw. 

As the Festival Banner Draw is reverted to the traditional way and previous Festival heroes are making a reappearance, the current “ Monthly Special Pick Up Draw Event” will be run with the same lineup like that of KR/JP build until 2021, but a few changes are expected to be made for improvement, and more details on the next Festivals will be announced in a separate notice.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Developers Note

Future Changes in Content and Events

Tower of Trials Reset 

The developers are preparing to make adjustments one after the other according to the suggestions from the August dev note, and as part of this effort, they will reset all cleared floors in the Tower of Trials. Once the cleared floors are reset, you will be able to clear the floors again to acquire the same rewards you have acquired before.

The reset is expected to take place in early January 2022, and they will add new floors with this update so you will have plenty of stages to enjoy. For the Knights who have not yet entered the Tower of Trials, make sure to challenge it soon so that you will be able to earn all the rewards before it resets! They are also working hard on making adjustments to Final Boss Battles and Training Grotto.

However, there might be some delays in the updates on the awakening materials fusions and new event modes due to the scheduling constraints of the developer’s team.

Reverse Stage Special -they are also preparing a new update for the reverse stage, the mode where you could play the combat from the story mode in the opposite perspective. The reverse stage that has been following the progression of regular chapters will be composed in the form of a special stage in the new update, which may seem smaller compared to the previous main stages, but engaging in a unique way. More information on the specific schedule for this update will be released in a separate notice.

Vaizel Fight Festival (Normal) New Event Rule – They are preparing a new event rule which they believe will be enjoyable for all the Vaizel Fight Festival (Normal) fans. For this event, they will enable the rule to [assemble a team consisting of duplicate heroes of different headings] which has been restricted. This could result in having multiple versions of Meliodas enter the combat at the same time, producing refreshing and unexpected twists and turns of events! They are hoping that this provides a new layer of fun to the Fight Festival.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Developers Note

New QOL system to be implemented – They have received many suggestions and requests for improvements over almost two years since they began servicing The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. Through the coming updates, they are planning for a QOL improvement for many parts of the game.

There have been many new growth factors and heroes added to the game, which have been affecting the value of the currency and initial growth mechanisms. In the earlier periods, the Awakening system for heroes was an important growth factor, but since Super Awakening has taken place, it has turned into a mere lead-up mechanism. Also, as various types of materials for Awakening are needed depending on the hero type, Players have become increasingly burdened with the need to look for them from multiple locations. They are worried that this growth system has become too big of an inconvenience to the players.

To address this, they are planning to implement a convergence system where Awakening materials could be fused into a “Full Awakening Token.” The materials used in this convergence system are various Awakening materials, including Water of Life and Demon’s Blood. This will allow you to efficiently organize your inventories previously jumbled up with various Awakening materials, and enable you to process each hero’s Full Awakening much more seamlessly. 

On top of the auto clear tickets that could be earned through patrol missions, they are planning to implement a system of auto clear tickets that recharges on a daily basis to take some burden off from having to manually clear all the daily missions. For this new system of auto-clear tickets, their plan is for the unused tickets to not be carried over for the next day, and the same number of tickets will be recharged each day regardless of whether all of them are used. 

They are also preparing an overhaul of the UI for a better playing experience by making the reward collection processes and growth result presentation more concise. 

Having some form of communication between the developers and the players is a really rare good sign in the gaming industry. Other games should have something like this too. 

Which change are you looking forward to the most? Are you one of those players that they have been communicating with? Let us know in the comments below!