Seven Knights: Idle Adventure is an upcoming Idle RPG from the makers of previous generation Seven Knights video games Netmarble. The developers are excited about the global launch, and hopeful that players will show this game the same love they had shown for the last installment, namely Seven Knights 2. The gates for signing up are finally open to all players, as Seven Knights: Idle Adventure goes into the pre-registration phase. Players can pre-register for the game directly via the official website or from their respective app stores, such as the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. 

Players can enjoy an authentic Seven Knights experience, right on their mobile, anywhere on the go in Seven Knights: Idle Adventure. The game aims to target mostly casual players who are in love with the Netmarble-produced IP and want to delve deep into the original cinematic universe of Seven Knights. Nostalgic meetings with beloved characters like Rudy, Eileen, Evan, and Yeonhee, can be seen in-game as it features an expansive roster of over 100+ collectible characters at the time of launch. 

To commemorate the special occasion of the global launch, and to show players who pre-registered gratitude, Netmarble will give out juicy rewards to all. Rewards span from the likes of 7777 Rubies, a unique grade hero “Evan”, and some extra resources to boost your progression from the beginning itself. 

Gameplay Mechanics of Seven Knights: Idle Adventure

Seven Knights: Idle Adventure presents a beautiful mix of Idle adventures combined with the generic RPG elements that allow you to empower your characters through rigorous developmental processes. The core game is entirely Idle, meaning players can enjoy 10-15 minutes of gameplay per session and complete a ton of tasks in that short amount of time. Further, players will also be able to rake up resources even while they are AFK or offline, adding on to the casual nature of the game.

Pre-Registrations Started for Netmarble’s Seven Knights: Idle Adventure

That’s not to say that Seven Knights: Idle Adventure doesn’t have real gameplay features. It boasts a vast roster of 100+ unique characters, each with their own set of abilities that make them stand out from the rest. Create your dream roster and combat the difficult boss stages in PvE game modes, or simply challenge live players in PvP game modes that require more tact and strategy.

Unique Features of Seven Knights: Idle Adventure

Here are some unique features for the Idle RPG, as provided by Netmarble themselves:

  • Power up when you are away – Fight and get stronger with ease! Auto-battle allows you to obtain EXP and Gold, even when you aren’t logged in!
  • Form your very own team of heroes! – Meet the lovable heroes of Seven Knights! Make your team shine with unique characters!
  • Strategic 10 vs 10 combat! – Enjoy spectacular battles featuring up to 10 characters! Show off what your heroes can do in the field, dungeons, and arena!

Enjoy Seven Knights: Idle Adventure on a PC using BlueStacks with a keyboard and mouse for a 60 FPS Full HD lag-free experience on a bigger screen.