Soundcloud Finds of the Week #4

Here is this week’s Soundcloud Finds of the Week! This week’s playlist includes Drake’s latest diss track to rapper Meek Mill,  Back to Back. In case you missed rap music’s latest feud, Meek Mill accused Drake of not writing his own authentic material. Shots were fired and on top of 2 back to back diss tracks from Drake, he also donated $75,000 to Meek Mill’s troubled high school. Meek Mill responded with an Instagram post claiming he’ll “be in the studio soon” and following, a less than impressive diss track of his own.

Besides all this rap beef, a few new songs are included in this playlist!  RATATAT’s Club Amnesia has a very nostalgic vibe, so don’t forget to go check out the newly released album! Kaskade’s new song is also on this playlist. Enjoy!