The Story of Seasons mobile version largely follows the same formula as its recent Nintendo predecessor; an excellent farming game combined with engaging characters for social simulation, the player can build farms and start a family.

The trailer shows a brief overview of the game with lots of new characters and old classic ones that look like Mayor Thomas from the 1999 Harvest Moon Back To Nature. 

The game’s art style is anime-like, and the graphics look much better, more detailed compared to SoS: Pioneers of Olive Town. The clip starts by introducing a girl (likely the main character) who just got off the train; as the wind carries her hat, we stumble into our dear mayor Thomas waving at us. Then we get a glimpse of everything from trees being chopped down for wood to fishing, farming, and even a candlelight dinner.

Tencent Announces Story of Seasons Mobile Version with a Short Trailer

Those waiting for the game will not be disappointed, but there are a few concerns about microtransactions. Story of Seasons Mobile will likely be released globally, depending on how fast they can finalize the design and gameplay elements.

The Tangled History Between Harvest Moon And Story of Seasons

New players and sometimes even the fans of the series get confused between Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons games, which is pretty understandable considering the massive change in 2014. 

The original Harvest Moon series released between 1996 to 2013 was an English translation of the Japanese game Bokujō Monogatari. The company Natsume was responsible for the translation and distribution of Harvest Moon in North America until 2014 when Marvelous Inc (owner of the original Japanese title) decided to partner with Xseed games for English localization and western publishing rights.

As Natsume still owned the rights to the name “Harvest Moon,” Marvelous Inc and Xseed games rebranded the series into Story of The Seasons to continue the Bokujō Monogatari English version. However, Natsume wanted a farming game of their own and started a new series under the old name.

To put in shortly, the game Story of Seasons is the continuation of the original Harvest Moon series from 1996. While the games released under the name Harvest Moon nowadays are a completely different series under Natsume. 

Tencent Announces Story of Seasons Mobile Version with a Short Trailer

Now, Marvelous Inc has been collaborating with Tencent’s NExT Studios to continue the Story of Seasons series into iOS and Android platforms for the first time. The development of the mobile game started back in 2019, but as of now, a release schedule hasn’t been announced. Let’s hope the mobile game hits the market soon globally.